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  1. Have head of Vredstein - think they do a lot of oem fitment stuff. Get good reviews for their winter tyres online too. Look at someone like mytres.co.uk - seem to have winters in your size from £58 fitted or more. Brand wise I've not heard of the cheapest ones (not surprising) but certainly know Nangkang, Avon, Maxxis, Falken, Nexus, Kumho, BFG etc
  2. See here mate: http://www.theaa.com...ips/germany.pdf (from http://www.theaa.com...ybycountry.html ) Winter tyres mandatory if you want to stay legal (insurance might be void without them) - look for anything with M+S on them ( imagine all A/T tyres have this too). Most of the main brands will do M+S tyres. They will likely be a little more noisy than summer / good condition optimised tyres and fuel economy might be down a little too. I would personally always go with known brand tyres - one of the most imprtant bits seeing they're hopefully the only part in contact with the road! What size tyres have you got fitted currently? :cheers: Rich.
  3. It's a nice touch that Kittinger is part of the Red Bull attempt to break his own record. Much like NASA only lets astronauts at mission control talk to those in space Kittinger is the only person who will talk to Baumgartner during his attempt.
  4. Auto every time for me - you'll save the extra by not getting robbed for battery changes!!
  5. I admit it - I'm stumped. I've built what for now is my perfect modded diver. The final step was switching from big # bezel to the patriot bezel a couple of months ago - I think it's truly 'done' now. I like a bit of modding but I can't think of anything else I want at the moment. Suggestions please!!! :cheers: Rich.
  6. Sorry to hear this :( Try Roy for the RLT serials if you bought them from new maybe?
  7. Pour Elle (anything for her) - not half bad French prison break yarn. I haven't seen the Russell Crowe Hollywood remake but I think it's quite safe to say I don't need to!!! :)
  8. Some people have way too much cash clearly! http://www.hodinkee.com/sale-of-bond-watch-at-christies-auction-sends-157250-to-orbis-international
  9. Come in now - which of you clowns are bidding on it? ;)
  10. Google UK Royal Mail for shipping price calc. As a rough guide I think roughly £10-£20 to ship a normal size / weight boxed watch to the other half of the globe. No tax / duty for stuff leaving the UK - check your AUS regs for inbound parcels. Send Phillionaire a message - he lives in the a**e end of no where down there so I imagine he buys mainly by post so might be able to advise you! ;) :cheers: Rich.
  11. 10watches I think - they don't seem to do them now though...
  12. My custom SKX007 today - have a good weekend all! :)
  13. I think these days the Police have enough to worry about these days and modded cars are the least of their worries. Local to me the real d**khead cruise scene from a few years ago (stupidly illegal knackered cars with tons of GRP bolted on + big bass bins) seems to have largely died back and been replaced by a more restrained modded scene. I think the modded scene is a good thing and helps keeps some of the young lads out of bother - they spend all their time and money on their cars so hardly drink and they're ultra careful what they do with their precious cars so you don't tend to find them lurking in Sainsbury's car park late at night. :thumbsup: Rich.
  14. Go for it with the coloured leather - maybe Toshi or Orb Straps to make you a nice chunky one?
  15. Half way through my reply I started to get deja vu - see previous discussion here: http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=56159&st=0&p=571294&hl=+media%20+server&fromsearch=1&#entry571294 Most of my comments still stand but the prices for media servers have absolutely crashed now! :thumbsup:
  16. No experience of Sonos personally but I have / have used various streaming options. A few observations: Depending on your phone / computer you may already have a streaming source with no requirement for additional gear. A lot of home media drives (NAS) have a media server built in. My new £50 Netgear router has one built in I discovered last night. This means you can have a constant source of media effectively on demand within the house that you can then play on enabled players / phones / computers etc. Current gen games consoles do media streaming, some of the latest TVs and digi boxes too. Things to look out for on devices are things like Airplay support (means it supports iTunes broadcast and sharing) and DNLA media streaming - Digitial Media Network Alliance - common standard used on Xbox, PS3 etc etc. In short - you need something to transmit your music around the house (so use your phone for odd tracks, a media server / NAS for persistent broadcast) and things to listen to the music on (console, hi fi plug in, phone etc) Endless options and you don't need to spend much cash to get up and running and give it a bash.
  17. Absolutely ghastly Rog ...... in a good way!!! :thumbsup:
  18. Hodinkee article: http://www.hodinkee.com/the-james-bond-submariner-turns-50-today
  19. Gets me to thinking - what would people offer me in exchange for the very nice home cinema set up I've got spare since I moved in with my girlfriend (who works for a hifi manufacturer so has a ripper of a system of her own - what a girl. Lol) I'm off to take some pics and get model numbers from the gear in storage at the parents place! :P
  20. Nice Davey! I think I'll go for a dig for tradable items later myself. :)
  21. I want to get some Jeep parts shipped from the Netherlands to UK (s/hand bargain) but struggling to find a reasonable price for the shipping. Parcel is 100cm x 100cm x 40cm (20kg) Best I've found so far is approx £100 shipping. Any better suggestions please? :cheers: Rich.
  22. Sorry it's a rotten photo - wearing this!
  23. I'm always intruiged to know who gets what in trade - lets see some pics of what you swapped out in the Trades section please? :cheers: Rich.
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