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  1. Attaché case helicopter. Later, William Using that to fly in a hooky Torrent is he? :lol:
  2. That's exactly where I'm starting all over again from... If I don't reappaear for a couple of days it's because I've relayed Hawky's winter warmth recommendations to the 710! :bag: Come on love - do your bit for the forum.... :eek:
  3. Yes a relume could be on the cards I think - any suggestions for who could do that? Yep - I expect they'll be worse than the nice seller pics as usual too! :)
  4. I know I'm old enough to know better but I'm rather looking forward to the new James Bond film. Decided to make a night out of it - a few beers with friends then the best seats in a crackng (tiny) cinema in the west end of Glasgow booked for the Saturday of the release weekend. It's a most civilsed place - has sofas instead of a back row, its attached to a pub and you can take the beers into the cinema! :thumbsup: Anyone else plotting anything? (and no I don't have a Bond Omega to wear to it.... :lol: )
  5. I haven't read anything for a while - catching up on thread reminded me I have the ebook of the Deaver Bond novel somewhere. There was also mention of Len Deighton earlier in the thread - I can recommend his 9 book series Game / Set / Match, Hook / Line / Sinker and Faith / Hope / Charity. Really good period Cold War stuff. :)
  6. I commented to my good lady about this thread and the mention of sugar and diabetes etc. She's interested in raw food and general healthy eating stuff so offered these links. I haven't looked at these myself yet but here you go in case anyone is interested: http://www.smallfootprintfamily.com/the-many-different-kinds-of-sugar http://www.filmsforaction.org/Watch/Simply_Raw_Reversing_Diabetes_in_30_Days/
  7. Ha - and my life would be useless without my **** intact...
  8. Mental! I like them but not that much! I did put a max bid in a fair chunk over what I paid but I would have been surprised if it went to that due to finish time around 5pm. Seller probably would have got more if it finished mid evening on a Monday!
  9. No more - my ex quite liked a nice auto, girlfriend now doesn't even wear a watch. To be fair I'm rather more interested in some of the things she does wear! :big_boss:
  10. Good work! I'm off the bread and dairy myself and feeling better for it. :)
  11. Well for better or for worse I'm back - by chance spotted something coming up to end on eBay and won it. Thread here asking for evaluation / thoughts on it: http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=77864 Comments welcome :) :cheers: Rich.
  12. Just took a punt on what looks to be a half decent looking Pogue on eBay. Figured even if it isn't all original (wrong model no on the case back and aftermarket stem for an opener?) it's sold as working so will be a good basis to get a cosmetically nice if not 100% auth example up and running. Ultimately the trader offers a refund for any fakes so I guess if it's a total franken I can always discuss with him. So what do you all reckon - £102 of junk drawer bits or a reasonably sympathetic repair job that might be ok? :cheers: Rich. Listing photos and details:
  13. UK seller! Here's another quality repaint: Multi buy from overseas then re-flog I bet! :(
  14. They should have done! Agree that quality is not there, was tempted by a black one for a while, but looking elsewhere now. Prob best to be honest - watches like that are probably fine if you buy them as cosmetically pleasing to you. If you ever wanted to sell it on it could be a problem getting anything like you paid for it as true collectors either would have no interest in it or would assign it a very low value.
  15. Ah-Indiaaaaaaaaah by any chance? :D
  16. I think some other forums keep tabs on vendors etc but I don't think it's something that has ever been done here. As ever with eBay it's buyer beware - look at the feedback, look at other items for sale, look at what the feedback is for the sale of. i.e. Buying a watch from a guy who has 100% feedback, loads of watches for sale and feedback indicating that people are happy with their watches = low risk in my book. Buying a watch from a guy who never appears to have sold a watch before but suddenly has a load of 'bargains' = more risky so more homework needed. Basically imagine you are
  17. +1 to that. Solid advice - non quick set dates are a pain on watches you don't keep running all the time. Also - if you get autos you can keep them all running on a winder so they are ready to wear. :cheers: Rich.
  18. Just realised I missed out my other commonly used thing - exclude items by word
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