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  1. See 10watches.com and Google 'Yobokies' (Photobucket gallery). Also see seller Wjean28 on eBay for bracelets. You can also buy coloured bezel inserts direct from Alpha watches but I think they are for SKX025/33 (Rolex sub style). The widest range of mod parts are for the Seiko SKX007/9/11. Some parts are interchangeable with the 7002 but most are not. Given that most 7002s are a bit long in the tooth I would start with a good SKX007 and mod from there. :cheers: Rich
  2. Just noticed a dead giveaway in a photo I took yesterday... ;) :cheers: Rich.
  3. Sounds like a bargain - be interested to see what you get. :) Reminds me I need to get mine sorted with a service and a couple of other tweaks. Mine seems largely original but has the wrong case back currently (not that it really matters but I'd fix it for a couple of quid of I could - I'll go put a wanted entry now actually :) ).
  4. Personally I'd push it a couple of quid past £30 and get an AQ-S810 - same module as your first option but chunkier case more in the G-Shock style. Beyond that - if it's definitely between the two you have listed I would go for the AQ-S800. :cheers: Rich.
  5. Dallas Buyers club - well acted and well made. Fairly straightforward story but enjoyable enough. Grand Budapest Hotel - nutty Wes Anderson caper film. A bit like Fantastic Mr Fox with humans instead of stop motion models. Can't say it was a classic bit enjoyable and quirky enough at the time. :cheers: Rich.
  6. Hello all, Ages ago I flipped my aging PAG-40 Pro Trek with the intention of getting a solar/ atomic one instead at some point. For a while I wasn't too sure which one to go for - either a PRG-240 or a PRW-2500 seemed the likely candidates. I went to Singapore at the end of last year and had a look round there - unfortunately it's a non Waveceptor region so the G-Shocks and Pro Treks on sale were mainly non atomic versions which put me off a bit. I did eventually get round to eyeballing the all singing all dancing solar atomic PRW-2500 but somehow it just didn't click for me. Additional
  7. I've got a bad habit of stumbling across items on eBay with a couple of minutes to go and not getting it together in time to put a bid in. Worse still is watching an item and forgetting to put a bid in near the end - I missed a Citizen Navitach (being Scottish I'm too cheap to stump up for the Breitling equivalent) and haven't seen any since at such a good price :wallbash:
  8. Nice, are you streaming? I have heard a lot about Linn streamers, they are supposed to be amazing. Yes we are streaming (I believe Linn were one of the first to ditch the CD player). Excellent piece of kit that seems to be able to work with most gear.
  9. Thanks - I shall give it some thought / check out what grade and thickness I should aim to use :)
  10. Where could I source some leather to stitch up a leather steering wheel cover for my car? Have seen them on eBay and whilst they look ok I would enjoy making my own and want to tweak it a little for optimum fit. I only want to make a couple so don't require industrial quantities. Perhaps some of the strap makers might be able to advise where they source from? (Suggestions for thickness / grade to source etc welcome as well) Many thanks, Rich.
  11. Yep 10watches are good too - had slipped my mind bit I've used them a lot in the past.
  12. Here's a snap I took when dummying up one of my builds.
  13. Just realised your post says 031 and not 013. Yobokies does domed sapphires - I put one in a SKX031. Your taste may vary but I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed. For bezels you can use Alpha sub inserts - approx $10 direct from Alpha China website. (They do a nice green one if you want to do a Rolex homage). Also take a look at aftermarket hands - again for the Rolex look you can put Merc style hands on etc.
  14. Gaskets, o-rings and standard crystal - Cousins. Sapphire crystals not so sure - SKX007/9 are more common. Try Yobokies (Google him). I've replaced crystals with no special tools - cloth over a beer bottle end, watch over it and large socket set end over the watch (take the bezel off first) - quick tap with a mallet pops it out no problem. I've put crystals back in with a vice, some wood and some socket bits to put the pressure in the right place. Good luck! Rich.
  15. Check out the Goldring NS1000: Over ear Noise cancelling Replaceable cable Runs on one AAA (lasts ages) Work as normal headphones with flat battery / switched off Come with nice case and adapter I've had mine for years and they just keep on going. Currently seem to be £70 but sometimes as little as £50. I found them as an alternative to overpriced Bose equivalents which are rechargeable and stop working at all when the battery goes flat - hardly handy when travelling! :cheers: Rich
  16. If funds permit a Yobokies Hammer is the best bet for a good quality President - nice solid links too :) :cheers: RIch.
  17. Excellent idea about using the springbar spring - noted! :)
  18. I've been looking at G-Shock GW-A1100 whilst in Singapore. The official stores obviously want top dollar but SkyWatches do them a bit cheaper. When I was there the other day the lady started with a price higher than the website to account for local tax but the price started going down as she was obviously trying to start a bout of haggling. My obvious first thought is that I could go home and order from the website, not pay tax and take a chance on not getting hit for import duties in the UK (G-Shocks look fairly unassuming so tend to be ok). Since they do free postage I can knock a few d
  19. If any of you have ordered from SkyWatches Singapore and wondered what the shop was like - wonder no more. It's in this rather insalubrious mall in Chinatown. (Have managed to resist a purchase so far...)
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