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  1. Did a delete and reinstall once home - all back to normal again! :thumbsup:
  2. Is the Tapatalk mobile app plug in for the forum not working for anyone else?
  3. I do have a bit of a soft spot for homages like these - very nice mate, WIH! :thumbsup:
  4. Talk about a thread wandering off topic! LOL Btw - I gave up on the big item and just bought the small bits for 25 Euros shipped. Job done! Thanks for the amusing suggestions anyway! ;)
  5. Nice! - I looked at that one myself but I prefer them with rubber strap for actual sports use. You got yourself a bargain there mate!
  6. Just about to get there myself - good info all noted! :)
  7. Yep Caibre is the answer for pushing your own stash of books onto your Kindle! :)
  8. Oh dear... http://www.ablogtoread.com/hermes-le-temps-suspendu-watch-why-do-you-suspend-time/ The idea is that a woman will respond positively to the emotion in the concept of the watch. It is also a good conversation starter. "My dear, please allow me to adjust my watch. In this moment I desire for time to stand still. There can be no schedule distracting me from our time together." At this point you lift up your sleeve to reveal your Hermes watch that ideally matches an orange cream tie with walruses on it, and large "H" belt buckle. You get extra points if she activates the watch for yo
  9. The earlier model ereaders had a rather greenish / grey hue and looked nothing like reading from paper really. They were fine in daylight (especially in bright sunlight as completely matt surface) but required an external light source for limited light / dark use. Meant you ended up running an aux clip on reading light etc (much like clipping one onto a book) which was a bit of a cludge. These latest generation ones have a whiter appearance and built in persistant back light / luminous screen. Barnes & Noble also do a back lit reader (I think they were first to market o
  10. What's this rule? Do you need to have your own kits in the car? Yes believe so: Breathalysers On 1 March 2012 the French government confirmed that from 1 July 2012 drivers of all motor vehicles and motorcycles (excluding mopeds) must carry a breathalyser. The regulation will be enforced from 1 November 2012 and anyone stopped after that date who fails to produce a breathalyser when requested will receive an on the spot fine of €11. The official announcement states that one unused, certified breathalyser must be produced showing the French certification mark NF. Carrying two s
  11. On a related note - I see the Kindle Paperwhite is now taking preorders. Since this addresses the main shortcoming of ereaders for me (reading in low lght in bed) I think I might be tempted. It's about time I got back to reading again, don't want the clutter of physical books.
  12. Use Seiko Oceania lookup to get the part no then try Cousins? Stella @ PMWF and Yobokies might be worth an email too. :cheers: Rich.
  13. Dragging myself into work - G-Shock DW56-RTB today (leather strap is wearing actually - mist source a new one...) Have a good weekend all!
  14. Get it cleaned up and flogged to some F1 nut then! :big_boss:
  15. Final thought - get a set of cheap 2nd wheels (probably steel) and put the winters on them. Just use them in winter here / when planning to go abroad and leave them in the garage / loft the rest of the year. Will last a few years like that and you'll save on tyre swap over costs / better fuel economy and wear in summer.
  16. Have head of Vredstein - think they do a lot of oem fitment stuff. Get good reviews for their winter tyres online too. Look at someone like mytres.co.uk - seem to have winters in your size from £58 fitted or more. Brand wise I've not heard of the cheapest ones (not surprising) but certainly know Nangkang, Avon, Maxxis, Falken, Nexus, Kumho, BFG etc
  17. See here mate: http://www.theaa.com...ips/germany.pdf (from http://www.theaa.com...ybycountry.html ) Winter tyres mandatory if you want to stay legal (insurance might be void without them) - look for anything with M+S on them ( imagine all A/T tyres have this too). Most of the main brands will do M+S tyres. They will likely be a little more noisy than summer / good condition optimised tyres and fuel economy might be down a little too. I would personally always go with known brand tyres - one of the most imprtant bits seeing they're hopefully the only part in contact with the road!
  18. It's a nice touch that Kittinger is part of the Red Bull attempt to break his own record. Much like NASA only lets astronauts at mission control talk to those in space Kittinger is the only person who will talk to Baumgartner during his attempt.
  19. Auto every time for me - you'll save the extra by not getting robbed for battery changes!!
  20. I admit it - I'm stumped. I've built what for now is my perfect modded diver. The final step was switching from big # bezel to the patriot bezel a couple of months ago - I think it's truly 'done' now. I like a bit of modding but I can't think of anything else I want at the moment. Suggestions please!!! :cheers: Rich.
  21. Sorry to hear this :( Try Roy for the RLT serials if you bought them from new maybe?
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