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  1. Been away for a short while, but I’m still here [emoji870]
  2. 37mm Favre Leuba 1987 (250 year anniversary) ETA (top) 2892-2 Moonphase with Dubois Depraz 9000 module.
  3. Sector ltd editon. 1991
  4. I picked up this NoS Lorenz from 1987 (I think) maybe 1988. Can’t capture the beautiful way the lume has aged that creamy yellow look. Cal. 955.111 and a 503.305 Brevet case.
  5. Bump would love to know more about ADEC. thanks
  6. That looks good, I’ve seen these on eBay. Has it got a Swiss Quartz movement?
  7. Bump from the depths. Great article, myself I have been looking at a few Lorenz watches lately. They certainly seem to be very well made, and the styling is spot on too.
  8. Some absolutely stunning pieces there Martin, thanks for the post.
  9. @davidcxn you really have some lovely pieces. If you haven’t done so already I would like to see a sotc.
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