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  1. This came few days ago, I got it with the idea it could be a donor if ever my 3 other watches with the same caliber should need parts. But it’s just too good to use as a donor seeing as it’s fully working. So I’ll wear it [emoji4] Have a good day. Girard-Perregaux Cal.352 Quartz
  2. Sorry no. they never really do say a lot of the time.
  3. Favre Leuba Sea Chief Cal.AS 2061
  4. Full moon so has to be. Cal. Eta 2892 with Dubois Depraz 9000 module.
  5. I have to reiterate this. My 200m version was 56 quid with a years subscription to a diver magazine. I live the thinness and the monochrome colours. Looks awesome on a strapcode. Ps bulletproof iirc there was a story of one that was recovered from a shipwreck that was still ticking.
  6. Cheers it was totally an impulse buy. [emoji41]
  7. Firstly I have to say hello al members. I have been off the forums recently but rest assured I’m still addicted to watches! New in to me is this Seiko age of discovery Ref - SPL057 I got this from a USA dealer after watching Long Island review on YouTube ( ) I think it’s great looking, the green tone changes in many different lights. The curved hardlex shows some nice distortions. The world time/local time is quite handy too. And even the one time use alarm can come in handy. It has a really well finished case those lugs are really beautiful very vintagey. I removed the strap as it was a tad boring and am currently toying with different straps to compliment the dial and vintage feel of the watch. Thanks [emoji4]
  8. Been away for a short while, but I’m still here [emoji870]
  9. 37mm Favre Leuba 1987 (250 year anniversary) ETA (top) 2892-2 Moonphase with Dubois Depraz 9000 module.
  10. I picked up this NoS Lorenz from 1987 (I think) maybe 1988. Can’t capture the beautiful way the lume has aged that creamy yellow look. Cal. 955.111 and a 503.305 Brevet case.
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