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  1. Hi Andy, No I am not wearing it at all in fact. With a minute or so of shaking the power reserve indicator shows that it has 4-6 months of charge - which is 30 secs movement of the second hand. However in a short space of time it shows only 5 seconds of movement and then about a day or less the watch has stopped. It has been "shaken" for as long as I could be bothered on occasion but this still works no better unfortunately as the charge lasts no longer. Cheers Tony
  2. That's OK Om_nom, I do apologise if I painted a gloomy picture of kinetics as it was just my personal experience of one watch and admittedly from someone who did not really understand kinetic movements. Anyway thank you for the link to your kinetic upgrade thread. I will keep you all updated on my successes or lack of if I decide to go ahead with it. Cheers Tony :)
  3. Yeah, I seem to remember he posted in my thread about encouraging people to see that upgrading capacitors in Seiko Kinetics isn't hard. ...The one I linked you to three posts up that you've mysteriously failed to comment on along with your partisan thanks. Eheheh. People. :rolleyes: Hi Om_nom, I'm still not sure exactly what you are trying to get at so forgive me if I am seem bit "slow" or am not picking up on something. I have the tools to replace the capacitor and do exactly what is needed in the pmwf article you linked to but as I have never touched a kinetic movement I am understandably weary to dive straight in and start pulling it apart as you will appreciate. I am still deciding on whether or not to do it myself with relatively little experience or not to, basically that is the advise I am after. Cheers Tony
  4. Sorry I should have been clearer about this, it keeps time very well until it loses power due to the capacitor. I do plan to buy a Seiko or two in the future for certain and I have nothing against the brand. Thanks Tony
  5. Thank you for responding tintox. Sounds like you know what you are doing when it comes to kinetic servicing and someone like you is what I may need. Tony
  6. At Christmas 2005 my mother very generously bought my father a Seiko titanium kinetic ska214p1 with the 5M62 movement. My father who had previously worn Seiko watches did not think he was ready for a new watch and did little with it. I had played with it at the time and quickly found out that it did not keep the time even when brand new. As it was not mine I did not try to do anything with it and basically it was left sitting brand new in its box and every few months I would try to get it going by giving it a good shake but to no avail as it only held its charge for a day or less even when the second hand jumped 30secs upon pressing the power reserve. So basically it seems that like many kinetics the capacitor is not functioning and will need replaced. My father has allowed me to either fix it myself as I know more about this kind of thing than he does or to sell it as it is now to somebody handy and willing to fix it themselves. I am reasonably good with things like this and going by the online tutorials on Seiko kinetic capacitor replacements it does not look like a particularly difficult task... I am aware of the upsides and downsides of kinetics and do not plan on getting another one. My dilemma is should I fix it up and give it back to my father or possibly sell it on after fixing it, or should I get rid of it in the state it is in never worn and just get something half similar (but not a kinetic lol) with the money I get? Thank you Tony
  7. Hello Everyone! I am from Belfast (N Ireland) and have always taken an interest in watches and also have been collecting watches since I was young. My collection is bigger than it needs to be (or so I'm told) although I am a complete lightweight by any standard and all of the watches I have had are sub £200... So nothing will vaguely impress anyone here, lol. Within the past month or so my interest in watches has taken a step up and I have seemed to have spent most of my spare time on various watch forums glued to my computer screen. I also have interests in flashlights (torches), various gadgets and most of all photography. So basically I am wishing to acquire a watch or two in the near future and this forum by everything I have seen appears to be a great place to be. Thanks for having me here everyone! Tony.
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