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  1. Love the Tunas Trigger. :thumbup: Blue Sawtooth. Tony
  2. Still having as much fun photographing this one as I am wearing it, thanks Vinbo! Tony
  3. That citizen looks immense! Nice purchases BTW. I have been intrigued by the SUN019 since it was announced and it looks superb. I know it is a large beast of a watch but have not been able to find out its weight, you wouldn't happen to know by any chance? Cheers Tony
  4. I'm an idiot. I have a stupid psychological need to have watches which can withstand more than a sprinkling of H20, no idea why but that is just the way I am and I become unnecessarily paranoid when wearing watches without 200+m WR and a screw down crown. Unlike my father I never have been scuba diving nor do I intend to and I always remove my divers before I hit the pool, hot tub, shower or wash my hands... None of my watches have ever come to grief as a result of drowning so it pays to be careful, or maybe not because I have dunked TWO mobile phones in the toilet which could not be resuscitated. :wallbash: Tony
  5. :thumbup: Nice collection! Now tell me your holidays and where you live. :tongue2: Tony
  6. Grabbed the fisheye and joined half the country the other day to see this. These photos I took on the Mall and I wish I could have been to Yorkshire to see the race there. Tony
  7. The Casio MTB-930 is my most worn watch and for good reason. It is comfortable, solar, stopwatch, waterproof, robust and only really lacks a countdown timer. I brush the scratches from the bracelet and clasp from time to time and considering it is 2 years old and worn most days it stands up pretty well to the abuse I give it, unlike the Timex Ironman above... which did not in less than 2 years. In terms of durability I have had better success with Casio G's than Timex Ironmen in the past. I would wear a digital with a suit easily if it looked "dressy" and not like most G-Shocks, it just depends on the particular piece. Tony
  8. Have You Ever Fallen In Love With A Digital Watch? Sure I have, love is blind. Tony
  9. That looks really nice, and goes well with your posting status on the forum :) A SLR007! I really like it too and very rare! Tony
  10. Wearing the one on the left. Interesting 7548 mod Joe, can't say it is to my liking personally but interesting nonetheless. Tony
  11. Nice BM Dusty! I wish I had a bike licence sometimes but our climate doesn't help. Tony
  12. Well that's what I keep saying and that real men have to shave their legs too! Back before cycling was more popular the comments and stares I got from people for wearing tight lycra was something else not that I cared, but most don't say much nowadays and I wouldn't worry about it. :D I very rarely cycle on the roads nowadays and actually have rode less than 500 miles in total during the past 3 years, nobody believes me but it's true. I have also not been able to train properly since breaking my wrists 7 months ago. Unfortunately there will be no track sprinting for a while for me as the only nearby velodrome is too bumpy for me to ride comfortably. Although I am not ruling out competition entirely this year I accept that I will be under par. It seems like no time since I was walking around with these gloves. Tony
  13. Say hi to it's bronzed brother. Tony
  14. Christ you scared me with the Friday title, thought I might have missed an important meeting. SRP Monster mod. Tony
  15. Here is my track bike from a couple of years ago although it hasn't changed much. I'm the one standing behind the Dutch Sprinter (Nils Van 't Hoenderdaal) looking despondent in this photo. This is me at the Sprint Nationals last summer (yes my rear is really that big). Tony
  16. My latest and greatest mod put together a couple of hours ago. Looks great and it's other half went better than I though as well. Tony
  17. Would you trade for a Mars bar? Or a Milky Way with cash my way? :yes: Tony
  18. Nice 7549! I'm wearing my SBBN015 this Friday. Tony
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