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  1. I also find that fresh air works well for getting rid of odours at least with leather and even rubber, I'd imagine giving a G a good airing wouldn't go amiss . Yeah me too... I could kill for a smoke right about now thanks to the OP. Tony
  2. An SKX173! Cool model and makes a nice change from the SKX007. Tony
  3. I had a blue one and it was a very nice piece for the price, predictably of course I regretted selling it too though it did not get any wrist time. I'm not a fan of the Mako on a NATO but it looks superb with the bracelet and feels more expensive than it is, I planned to fit a domed AR coated sapphire crystal for a Seiko Sumo as some do but I just never got around to it. The main weakness in my mind was the poor bezel rotation which just did not feel good at all, not that it bothered me much overall as it was more of a dress diver than a rugged tool to me and a watch which looks a lot better without major scars and scratches. This was mine below. Tony
  4. Very well. They are a great investment. Simple to use and very effective (and you can clean things other than just watch parts - e.g. rings, earrings, glasses, shower heads etc etc) For cleaning tiny watch movement parts they are essential. That said, the ultrasonic toothbrush is just as good at cleaning larger parts, but it is fiddlier as you have to hold the part you're cleaning. The bristles are more effective for removing build up of dirt and dirt that is trapped in corners or between links etc. Thanks for that, I'll consider a purchase some time. Tony
  5. Bravo! Did you find the ultrasonic cleaner worked well on the bracelet? I do not own one and would like to as I'm a little OCD about the hygienic state of my watches and the bracelets can be a pain to clean properly. Tony
  6. Wearing the Tuna SBBN015 on Pavstrap yesterday and today. Tony
  7. +1. Pavel does excellent work and I have 3 of his straps with 2 of them being custom jobs. Very good man to deal with too. Tony
  8. Here is the Sawtooth on the Monster bracelet with a SBBN015 Tuna and a Citizen BN-0085 in the background. I'd like to get some really nice photos of some of my divers when I get a chance. Tony
  9. Thanks Pavel! I'm still wearing these boots regularly and though they looked great with the SKX007. Here is my SKX007 on one of your excellent custom straps, a super comfortable combo which looks great too. Tony
  10. I like the Super Oyster (seen below) on the SKX007 and also custom leather. Tony
  11. Seiko Black Sawtooth today. Tony
  12. How could I forget about the Tuna? From today. The Sawtooth is a great piece and the lume even beats the Monsters :eek: . From left to right: SRP Monster, SKX007, Sawtooth. After several minutes all with equal lighting. Tony
  13. With £100 I would get a decent Solar G-shock and a cheap Casio diver if you can at a good price new or used. I do use the timing features of the G's in my experience as well as others they are nicely made for the price if not a little informal, though I could live with that. :D Edit: Thinking about this I had a strange realisation :eek:. I realised that I NEED a G-Shock for day to day things and to get by with life, but all of my divers I can live without :shocking:. What a shock, does that make me a G fan? I never saw that coming. The MTG-930 has everything I like to use minus a countdown timer. This is worn most days for a while and it holds up very well to abuse, very comfy on the bracelet too! Casio diver, cant remember the model but it was superb value new and is surprisingly well made. Lume is chyte though but it looks classy. Tony
  14. The Sawtooth is becoming a favorite of mine, It is also an exceptionally comfortable watch for me which is nice. I am wearing it on a Monster bracelet mostly but also a Spork/BFK bracelet now an then to give it some heft. Another favourite is the SKX009 (with SKX007 bezel mod), versatile and always looks great though not as comfortable as the Sawtooth for me. Tony
  15. I actually prefer the older dials but like the handwinding on the newer models. In reality there isn't much between them but for me the £ saving alone gives the edge to the original at this moment and I would be more than happy to live with the simpler movement. Edit: I also should also add that aside from the (smallish) movement, dial, hands and crown changes the rest of the new Orange Monster is identical to the old one, it is just an evolutionary step and not a major upgrade or change. My current Monsters below: SKX781 SRP311 Tony
  16. Hi Oversleep, the likely cause of this issue is that the capacitor is no longer useable and requires replacement. Here is a guide of mine to show what needs to be done. http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=56397&st=15 (scroll down to post 17). I have replaced the capacitors a couple of times, this is unfortunately needed after the watch has been sitting out of use for several months. Tony
  17. Tuna on the bracelet from today. Tony
  18. Seasons Greetings everybody at TWF! I went with my Tuna today. Merry Christmas and have a great day everybody! Tony
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