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  1. Superb collection! I'm very jealous. Tony
  2. Tuna on excellent Pavstrap this Saturday! Tony
  3. I am generally a bracelet guy personally. I do think good rubber and handmade straps are excellent also but often find myself going back to the bracelet. Saying that I do often remove my watch when I'm working at a desk if it is on a bracelet. Tony
  4. Nice work there! I always like to see SKX007 mods and they can really be changed so much for better or worse, love the domed crystal and shark mesh on the Black Bay mod too. Tony
  5. What will they think of next? Have seen a few photos and I'm not seeing the beauty. Tony
  6. I can't even see the hands it's that bad. :D Some are said to be more legible than others, I had the G-7710 which was supposed to be one of the better ones and it was just fine with the contrast turned up. That is a pretty cool looking watch and IMO the negative displays look better than the positive, I had a DW5600e and considered modding it to negative but was advised not too unless I really felt the urge. Tony
  7. Actually the left cast is now off and I am in a splint! Only a couple more weeks and the right cast can come off too! Of course I just had to try my new to me Tuna, worn this morning also just because I couldn't help it but back to the splint again for the rest of the day. Tony
  8. I'd go for a G of some sort or a Casio diver. Tony
  9. Looks like it just needs glued down well... liberal application of epoxy all over should do the trick and stop any movement. :D
  10. It's got worse, much worse. As quantity went up quality went down and now there is nothing but monotonous drivel 24/7. There is rarely much worth watching to be frank it's hard to get even a decent film these days which I don't have to pay for. But perhaps too as we age and technology improves we just become more spoiled and the cycle begins. :yes: We can do everything but become happier. :lol: Tony
  11. Whoo, I still couldn't be any happier or more jealous of seeing watches after over a month of these disabling "gloves". First photo since the breaks but may be getting the lesser damaged wrist's cast off later this morning... I hope! Left glove Right glove Happy Friday all! Tony
  12. All night for Seiko divers and Citizen. I prefer the blue lume from Citizen and the BM6400 will outlast my Monsters after an hour or two has passed, with the clear numerals it is my most readable watch during the dark hours. Brightest of all my watches is below in the middle flanked by the Monsters. B&W Tony
  13. Nice work! Love the brown. Tony
  14. I absolutely love that one! Maybe a bit too big and loud for some occasions but looks to be excellent for what it is, love the bracelet too. Tony
  15. Panda for me this Friday! Tony
  16. This concerns me also after seeing some shocking images of damaged lug holes on Seiko divers when too thin spring bar ends have been fitted. I wonder if a DIY shim or other improvised solution would be suitable to combat this? Does anyone know if the Heavyweight spring bars sold by Roy are the the same thickness as the Seiko ones (not the end pins but the body thickness)? Tony
  17. Going by the pics online as I have never seen one in the flesh the gold one looks the best. I have never been a fan of the white or black faced Stargate's looks personally but the gold looks fine. Tony
  18. Hi Paul, The Seiko FAT bars are shoulder less and are a pain to remove when installed on a case without drilled lugs like this Citizen. But the bigger problem is that they are too fat and come too close to the case, I don't even know if a piece of paper would fit through the gap let alone any strap! :lol: The Citizen spring bars cost nearly £11 for the 2 of them! :eek: If anyone knows where to get them cheaper let me know! Cheers Tony
  19. Excellent job with the strap Paul! :thumbup: I love it! I can find 23mm Spring bars OK but I am concerned that the end pins are too small for the holes in the case which over time can irreversibly damage and distort the holes. I'm not sure how much of an issue this usually is but I have seen photographs showing considerable damage which obviously I want to avoid http://forums.watchu...elp-792425.html. The Citizen divers which I have had feature large spring bar holes and come with spring bars with fat ends and I find the Seiko "FAT bars" fit the holes well. Does anyone have experience using a shim to get a tight fit in the spring bar holes? I would prefer the correct size end pins but will improvise if I have to, or if the best way will cost me a pretty fortune! :lol: Cheers Tony
  20. A very respectable diver with a quality feel to it, a nice dial, case, crown, stock band and generally not a lot to fault except the spring bars are much too close to the case meaning that almost all straps are out... :wallbash: Anyway I have managed to bend both spring bars and am looking for replacements, as they are 23mm lugs finding suitable ones is more difficult. I can buy the genuine Citizen ones from the States but they are expensive and don't want to pay so much if I don't have to. Does anyone know where I can get the replacement spring bars in the UK or at least the EU? Cheers Tony Wrist shot of the watch in question
  21. I was expecting this to look terrible going by the title but it really looks excellent in that photograph. Good job! Tony
  22. Can't believe its Friday already, I'm rocking this today. Tony
  23. I hate non standard lug widths, please take note Citizen... Poor lume on divers. Dress watches with non AR coated crystals. Tony
  24. Shocking piece! What can we nickname this one? I like Mel's suggestion of the $icko so far, what else can we come up with? Tony
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