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  1. I love the Sawtooth. Pity Seiko had to discontinue another great quartz diver. Tony
  2. I did a bezel swap last year of these models. I had to sell one and the SKX007 went, in my opinion I preferred both models after the bezel swap. SKX007 with SKX009 bezel SKX009 with SKX007 bezel Tony
  3. Quick snap of the BN0085 from this evening. Great watch Charlie! Some very nice Citizens here, keep the pics coming! Tony
  4. My latest, the BN0085 Diver. AV0031-59e. Gone now and I regret it. BM6400. Versatile and changes a lot with different straps. Would love to have the bracelet for this one. BN0000-04h.
  5. Can't remember how many of these I have posted before but here goes. Orange Monster on bracelet showing some lume. 7t32 Panda chrono. Love this one, bought off the forum. SLR001 Quartz Monster. Bought off the forum 12 months ago. 14 year old lume outdoes the Monster. SKX007 & SKX009. Later I swapped the bezels then sold the SKX007.
  6. Easily one of my all time favourites, admittedly without ever seeing one in the flesh. Fantastic piece Draygo! Tony
  7. The Super Oyster is great and suits the watch very well I feel. Tony
  8. SLR001 this afternoon. Tuna mod? Nice piece, interested to know what this is. Tony
  9. Sorry to hear about your wrist and thanks for that info on the Ironman VS G-Shock. I've always wondered how the two would compare as to toughness... they look similar but the difference of price is huge, so there should be more to it... The Timex in my photo below is light, comfortable, has nice big numbers and I find it easier to use than any G-Shocks which I have owned. It does not stand up to much abuse though, I also have a model very similar to it previously which was also great but did not last long before it looked embarrassingly tatty and I was not by any means abusive with it. I do think that the Ironman below is good for sports and I usually use them for timing functions when cycling and at the gym. Certainly the build quality is not up to the standard of G-Shocks but they can be had at good prices from time to time. Tony
  10. :eek: I'm hoping your wrist is in better shape?... The wrist has been broken at least once but is not too bad on the outside! That Timex took a licking and kept ticking! Actually that is not quite true as this Ironman is not nearly as tough as G-Shocks in my experience. I have has 3 of this exact model over the past 17 years or so and none have been as durable as they look. Tony
  11. This still works! The reason that you can read the display is that I had the polarising filter on the camera when the photograph was taken. Tony
  12. Another holy thread bump! Looks like I might be doing this job again soon after leaving the watch in a drawer for months. :wallbash: Never one to learn a lesson me... Tony
  13. See in steps how I replaced my capacitor here. http://www.thewatchf...pic=56397&st=15 Not to difficult a job all in all! Just make sure not to do what I did and put the watch back in the drawer for a few months... It now needs a new capacitor. :wallbash: Tony
  14. BN0000-4h on Monster bracelet this Sunday. Tony
  15. I would have helped you but I have not seen my old film scanner for many years since switching to digital. I used to scan from negatives all the time back in the late 90's, I'll have a search for it but can't promise anything. Incidentally I do have a Russian Horizon 202 camera on my desk right now as I speak. I loved it but haven't used it for many years either, wouldn't mind giving it a go some time again. Tony
  16. Seldom worn Eco Drive chrono today for me. Tony
  17. Getting boring with this one again. Tony
  18. Been wearing the BN0000-04h much of the week and again today. Goes under a shirt cuff well and is comfortable on the Monster bracelet or a NATO. Tony
  19. Of the 4 it has to be the Omega, no doubt about it. I am a huge Seiko fan but that Seiko is not one of their prettier Panda models at all. Agreed, stunning. +2 This is a fabulous looking watch. Tony
  20. Aidan, I think the watch would go well with a thick Hirsch Liberty. Tony
  21. One of the nicest IMO. I would love a tune in I had the cash. Tony
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