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  1. My first automatic diver was the original Blue Mako with the day pusher from 2010. It had an absolutely beautiful dial and punched well above its weight in the looks department. The only issue was that the bezel was quite tight on mine and I would have liked a domed sapphire crystal fitted which going by memory is the same as the Sumo crystal but other than that it was an excellent piece. I’ll see if I can get a photo or two of it later on. Tony
  2. I have bought straps from Pavel before and have been extremely pleased with his work. I also dabble a little bit in leatherwork myself (without having miterants expertise or patience) and find making watch straps is vastly more difficult, painstaking, stressful and frustrating than belt making. Did anyone hear about the time I cut the end of my thumb off skiving a Panerai type strap? Anyway I got my fingerprint back in the end. The point I make is even if the material needed is much less for a watch strap compared to a belt the stress, sweat and fingertips are costly. Best
  3. I had never seen a SPORK in the wild until recently when I ran into the father of a friend of mine who happened to be wearing one. I asked him about it and he was very happy with the purchase off Amazon a while back, I quickly gathered that he was no WIS when he had stated that it was a pity the watch kept terrible time... he did not know what an automatic movement was and to make matters worse he was unwilling to sell it to me.
  4. The Watchadoo would have to be a 20mm on the BFK which would perhaps look a little bit undersized on it. The bracelet is similar to the Strapcode Super Engineer which I have, but if you go with the 22mm version SE and file down the endlinks (as I did) the endlinks will not fit into the BFK as the lugs are too far recessed. Works fine with a Monster with 20mm lugs but not the deeply recessed lugs of the BFK, just something to think about. Tony
  5. Lovely piece! I wish more clasps had more adjustment holes like that one as I find that. How do you find e comfort of the clasp on your wrist? Tony
  6. Seiko or Citizen?... that's just too much of a question and wayyyy too difficult for me to answer a bit like "still or sparkling?"
  7. Hi jmm1,

    I have been trying to contact you by PM. It is telling me the following: "jmm1 cannot receive messages."

    Would you be able to see if you can PM me now?

    Many thanks


  8. I have owned 3 G-Shocks and currently own one which I have had for 4 years and worn at least every other day for a few hours. It has stood up very well to the abuse thrown at it and I can not complain in any way. It is the MTG-930 Solar and has become my go-to watch unless I'm after something more formal. Tony
  9. TONY M

    Seiko J or K

    Given the price difference I would buy the K version for no reason other than it is cheaper. Tony
  10. TONY M

    Seiko J or K

    No idea, differences in the monster cases are also noticeable with the K versions as well as minor differences in the dial (lettering, lume colour etc). Tony
  11. TONY M

    Seiko J or K

    I saw the video last week comparing the K and J SKX009s. Worth watching however I have owned several SKX007/9s all of them the K version and with a close inspection there were many significant minor differences in the fit and finish between them. You could not tell from a distance and I was hesitant to say which one I preferred but the differences were there. Tony
  12. Some people prefer the Monster Bracelet on the Sawtooth, personally I like both the stock and the Monster bracelet a lot. The Monster bracelet goes well and is even more comfortable if anything but it is narrower where it meets the case as it flares out less than the Sawtooth bracelet. Just depends what look you prefer really. Tony
  13. From two years ago now, a black Sawtooth with Monster bracelet (good combo). SBBN015 Tuna and Citizen Bn0085 in background. It thanks Davey, the blue is a nice model indeed. I must get around to getting sapphire crystals installed to these watches some day. I'm on a mobile device right now so pasting images and editing is more difficult.
  14. A couple of mine. I hope the photo shows up.
  15. I have had three Strapcode/tunchoy bracelets and have been generally pleased with product and quality. The only issue I had was a faulty link in a Super Engineer bracelet which required a little epoxy. Tony
  16. Big Thor works out In my gym when he is here for filming believe it or not. This guy impresses me https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aBO4D5pdqsA and he is no slouch on a bike either. Tony
  17. More stunning work Pavel! I have had a few Pav straps including a couple of custom jobs and they were just brilliant. Tony
  18. I can't wait to see a few photos of these "in the wild" as they look superb from what we have seen so far. For me the X doesn't really do it for me so I suspect that a dial change would be on the cards in my case. Tony
  19. Sorry about the delay in replying to this. I am using a very cheap press which is not super but has always done the job in the past. The crystal is fitted flat but tends to become wonky, this is not usually an issue as I just move the die a little bit to try to straighten it out again. I will try it again when I have a bit of time after the Christmas week. Cheers Tony
  20. I have unfortunately had more issues fitting a crystal back to this SKX007. I should never have removed the previous sapphire that I fitted which was fine... :wallbash: I thought I was accomplished to sail through this job as I have done before several times before but I have just wrecked two more crystal gasket rings in the attempt to install my previous crystal which went in fine before. Luckily I still have one final spare gasket remaining but I'm reluctant to rush ahead with attempt number 4 without doing something different this time. Does anyone have any tips? Many thanks Tony
  21. Indeed I think you are correct Lord Sugar, I googled that part number earlier but it showed as a bezel gasket however after a more thorough search it appears to be correct. Thank you very much for the response! Tony
  22. Well there is only so much tinkering you can do without something going wrong :wallbash:. In this case I crushed the Crystal gasket attempting to install a Sapphire crystal in a SKX007. It is a plastic gasket which is flat but as of yet I have had no luck finding the correct version at reasonable prices in the usual places (Cousins etc) and $20 + shipping is a bit steep from Dagaz, I have just emailed Harold to see if he has any reasonably priced. Cheers! Tony
  23. He was still about two months ago. Tony
  24. It's a great watch and I have had two of them, I would be very interested in DIY modding mine to a sapphire crystal, where on earth did you find the replacement? Tony
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