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  1. Hi, I'm wanting to get a windows phone, possibly a lumia 720, or the ascend w1. I've found that I can get the W1 from O2 for £130, but I'm on t mobile. Can windows phones be unlocked, and if so, what is left behind app wise from the previous carrier?
  2. I've been using my tab 2 as a replacement for my old ipod touch, but I cannot find a media player app that doesn't distort at high volume levels. I say high, but in reality the thing doesn't go that loud in the fist place. I first used power amp, then player pro. Both are decent interfaces, the latter being the better of the two when it comes to album artwork, but I've found that compared to the stock media player, (which has a lower max volume level, and a severe lack of bells and whistles) both can't handle certain vocals and instruments at the top end. It sounds as if there is a limit to the bandwidth, and I hate to say it but the ipod for sound quality is by far better....apart from my sansa clip, but you cant play games on it. Does anyone have a solution as to what app is better?
  3. I have similar problems with linux based systems, and it's usually the RAM that needs to be reseated. Or it could be the bios battery.
  4. The fat ones fit my skx007 but I need to use thinner ones on my skx031.
  5. Hi, Id like to find out more about this watch, any details?
  6. Hi folks, thank you for all the replies. at least I know that I'm not the only one in this position. My employer doesn't recognise unions. It's weird, but I've been working since 1995, and the only place that that a union was Honeywell. Funny thing about that was when union meeting were held in the canteen, myself and two others were ask to leave, as we hadn't joined up. In a way, I can see my employer is looking out for themselfs, but in all honesty, I'm not what you'd call important at my work. Anyone could do my job. The one main thing that has came out of this thread is that I have alot of reading up to, and alot of phoning lawyers. Yes that would be two things :yes:
  7. Thats what I need to find out. also, companies have a legal obligation for health and welfare in the workplace. Mine clearly doesn't, but if I do blow the whistle on them, guess who goes in the next round of redundancies?
  8. Hi, because I can still walk i can't be registered as disabled. I'm not in a union, but I have let NHS glasgow know, and the scottih spina bifia association know about what is happening. On another/similar note, i complained to personnel last year about the lack of promotion from the production dept where I work/attend. I was told that if a job cam up, my medical history would be taken into consideration, and my own boss told me if i want to progress, "you will have to leave" That makes my fu*king blood boil. If the HSE were to turn up, most of the place would be shut down. i know the bosses sh*t themselfs when they are mentioned.
  9. Hi, I'll get the technicial details out the way first. i have spina bifida oculta, which creates problems in my neck, lower back, legs, and feet, and I have to visit various departments within the hospital on a regular basis. there is a policy at my work that if you exceed six appointments within a year, you will be docked wages. This policy has been in place for years, but was never implemented until now. I had over twenty appoinments last year, so they have no decided to enforce it. I've had four apps this year so far, with another three due in the next few weeks, and will be getting my wages deducted. I tried to explain my situation to them, even telling them that I go to work in pain, and I have a very low absence. This didn't help. They also refused to send me to occupational heath, telling me that I had to sort that out off my own back (no pun intended). Does anyone have any words of wisdom on the subject? Anthony
  10. My source is an Onkyo Cr515 all in one unit. Not the last word in hifi, but quite a musical little box.
  11. The Grado's are way too expensive for me. Those Superlux look interesting. Also, went to Pc world today to try out some headphones. Didn't like any, and the one pair I was interested in, Sony MA100's @ £40, they didn't have out to try. Checked on *bay and found them going for less than a tenner, should say it all really.
  12. Morning folks, I'm looking to get a new pair of headphones to replace my Sennheiser HD408's which I find uncomfortable to wear after a while. I have seen a pair of Beyerdynamic DTX910's which look good but I don't want to thow money away just to find that there is no improvement over the 408's with regards to comfort, and sound quality. Anyone used the 910's or have any info on a good open back pair under the £60 mark? Anthony
  13. I might be miising the trick here, but is it not just a bit of badge snobbery to have a watch that has Swiss whatever written on it? Is there a price premium on Swiss made/handled/inspected watches? If tag or Rolex were to move factories to other countries, folk would still buy them regardless.
  14. Doing my usual, and hunting the bay, I found the Citizen NY6021-51e. A bit different from other sub homages, it looks good, but at over £310, I'm thinking there must be more to this watch than meets the eye. Anyone got any info as to why it's so expensive? Anthony
  15. Sorry to jump in, but is that £299 price direct from Steinhart? If so, is it easy to order from them? Anthony
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