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  1. Hello again Paul. It is the whole story and this is its epic. When you offered to buy the watch for a pittance( $220.00) I assumed you weren't dealing seriously so I cut off the contact.Why go on with this charade.At that time I was just a newbie and only wanted to get some straight info.about the timepiece .You on the other hand wanted to take advantage of your knowledge and tried to lowball me so you can boast about your latest acquisition and how you screwed some poor newbie.That is very unscrupulous.It's not nice to fool mother nature or like they say in my language:On ne prends pas les gents du Bon Dieu pour des canards sauvages. Fin. Jacques
  2. Hello Paul First of all I did Email you back in 2010. Second.The amount you offered $220.00 was so ridiculously low,it felt like you were insulting my intelligence. Third.I don't like shipping overseas because most buyers want me to falsify customs documents and also "loosing items in transit". Fourth.The watch was not complete without its original band. Regards Jacques
  3. Thanks for your suggestions! I managed to resolve the issue by fixing a piece from a non-original band to the Electro Chron's end. It's not optimal, but it'll do for now. I posted a couple of pictures of the skeleton back on June 10, 2010. Here are two pictures of the Electro Chrons. Both are in working condition. http://i.imgur.com/D8lnq.jpg and http://i.imgur.com/ac1hC.jpg I hope to hear from more of you soon! Thank you, Jacques
  4. Hello everyone. Could someone please help me find an end piece for a Wittnauer bracelet so I can complete my Electro-Chron Skeleton. Thank you very much. Jacques
  5. Thanks for the compliments. Yes you guessed right. I collect mostly Seiko's.A pile?Not quite.Maybe a couple of hundred,including:like NOS 6159,6217,6105,6309 and so on.Now to the story behind the Wittnauer.I got it at a garage(car port) sale for 10$ because it looked interesting and i had never seen another one like it.Now, thanks to you all i assume it is a rare and collectible piece. I don't get attached to watches since i have around 5000 of different kinds and shapes. I will however be willing to part with it but i don't know what will be a decent price for it. I'm afraid to put on it Eprey for fear that it won't bring enough bidders.
  6. Here you go. Thank you very much for all of the information. Enjoy!
  7. Hi everybody. I own a Wittnauer electro-chron with a skelletonized dial center.Anything that can shed a light on this particular watch will be much appreciated Thanks
  8. Been a collector for quite some time,mostly vintage watches,chronos and Seiko divers.Hoping to contribute to this forum.Thank you
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