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  1. Look at the past to inspire the future... Speedy on a “Bond” NATO thanks to @Diveaddiction
  2. Carrera re-issue for me today! TGIF
  3. I couldn’t decide what to wear today, so they’re both on the desk in front of me... (So I’m not wearing either! Haha)
  4. Decided to keep this on today as I’ve been wearing it all weekend... I will probably change to the Speedy tomorrow though...
  5. Hmmmm, interesting thoughts here... Personally, I would start with the lower priced pieces to check off your list first, the point is, that most of us have a “grail watch” So what are you gonna do if you get it straight away... Its easier said than done, but one you get that “grail” a lot of things won’t scratch that itch... If you know what I mean.
  6. Great collection! Nice to see they’re all the correct time too! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Great collection! Definitely something for any occasion! Thanks for sharing!
  8. I really admire this watch! Such a beauty!
  9. I’m starting my weekend off with my Carrera, I’ve given it a polish with a Cape Cod, changed the strap over to a perforated black leather and I’m good to go! HAGW!
  10. It honestly depends on what I’m up to... tbh it’s usually one (but I wear mine in rotation) but I will switch it up now and again (no more than 2 changes tbh)
  11. Let him have it now! Then, that’s the Perfect excuse for you to get a new watch...
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