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  1. It’s a good thing that tastes and trends change. It would be boring liking the same things all the time! Mix it up a little!
  2. I have bought from them, and have had a few batteries changed there before, I would recommend, they have been in the arcade for years and years!
  3. Hi TWF Readers, I just wanted to tell you about a little project I’m taking part in, it’s a 31 day drawing challenge called “Inktober” (you may have heard of it) It was started by a chap called Jake Parker in 2009 - it’s a celebration of drawing, art and creativity! It originally started on Twitter and has spread across pretty much all social media platforms in the last 10 years! I am taking part and will be uploading (everyday hopefully!) videos of my submissions... Every day you have a prompt... click here to see the list: https://inktober.com/rules Please check out my submission for day 1 Are any TWF users taking part in Inktober? I’d love to check out your art/drawings/sketches/doodles/scrawls!!
  4. Please fan you take a few minutes to check out my video... I wanted have a go at drawing the vintage Heuer logo... I started off by drawing a 14cm x 7cm grid, and working around that. I started off with the U in Heuer and working out from that, during the video I did make a few mistakes, but I was too far into the drawing to scrap it completely!! I used the following: Rotring Mechanical Pencil (0.5 lead) Black Posca Paint Pen (8mm nib) Pilot V-Sign Pen - Black Signo Gel Pen (White) Pilot Super White Paint Pen Daler Rowney Sketch Pad (250gsm) Standard 30cm Ruler Please enjoy 45 minutes of footage squeezed down into a 4 minute timelapse!!
  5. Thank you! I did spend a lot more time and effort on that video... Thank you for the video feedback... I will consider voiceovers (but I really hate the sound of my voice) haha I’m just a bit camera shy!
  6. Please check out my latest video... I would appreciate any feedback (good or bad... I can take it!!) If you like my content enough... feel free to like, share or even subscribe!!
  7. Thank you for taking the time to getting back to me! I agree that the chrono video is a very long wait until the SnapBack...
  8. Hey, thank you for your feedback, I’ve been testing the water with a few videos... I’ve tried to keep it simple, I’ve watched several hours of footage for help on how to improve traffic etc... Please take a moment to have a look at what I’ve produced, it’s still very early days so I know things aren’t going to be great on my channel (haha) Any feedback is appreciated and will be acknowledged! (Positive / Negative)
  9. I can’t take this off at the moment! carrera and close ups...
  10. Country Roads... Take me home... To the place... Where I belong...
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