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  1. Thanks for your feedback!
  2. Thank you! I did spend a lot more time and effort on that video... Thank you for the video feedback... I will consider voiceovers (but I really hate the sound of my voice) haha I’m just a bit camera shy!
  3. Please check out my latest video... I would appreciate any feedback (good or bad... I can take it!!) If you like my content enough... feel free to like, share or even subscribe!!
  4. Thank you for taking the time to getting back to me! I agree that the chrono video is a very long wait until the SnapBack...
  5. Hey, thank you for your feedback, I’ve been testing the water with a few videos... I’ve tried to keep it simple, I’ve watched several hours of footage for help on how to improve traffic etc... Please take a moment to have a look at what I’ve produced, it’s still very early days so I know things aren’t going to be great on my channel (haha) Any feedback is appreciated and will be acknowledged! (Positive / Negative)
  6. Looks good man! Congrats!
  7. I can’t take this off at the moment! carrera and close ups...
  8. Country Roads... Take me home... To the place... Where I belong...
  9. Speedy Sunday, I love domed crystals!
  10. “Hi there, I was reading a copy of Evo magazine, and I wanted to take advantage of this amazing offer you have advertised on Omega Seamaster watches... That’s right the magazine is from 2004, but surely that doesn’t matter!? “ I’ll let you know how I get on later! HaHa I’m aware of this advert of my Carrera, it’s that good, even Tiger himself isn’t wearing it! (2004 / I believe the RRP was £1485)
  11. @scottswatches Thank you for the tips and taking the time for getting back to me! Anyone else?
  12. Hi All, I was thinking about starting a YouTube channel, as I spend hours per week watching it, I was thinking about sharing my hobbies and interests (Watches, Comics, Art & Design, drawing, calligraphy ) etc... I was wondering if anyone has a YouTube channel or makes videos? What kit would you recommend? I would need a laptop/DSLR/External Hard drive, lighting etc... I was wondering if anyone could recommend equipment I would need, or things I haven’t thought of, including software I would need. This is a little project I would like to start probably at the beginning of next year, so I need to be getting kit over the next few months, budget would be around £1000-£1500 in total. I have tonnes of ideas, I just want to execute them well, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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