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  1. What do you find yourself taking with you wherever you go!?
  2. I know, but I would rather just nip into store and nab one! Along with an inflatable dingy, some rip off mars bars and a cuddly toy!
  3. If anyone sees the tea boxes again, please can they shout about it as I always miss it! Need to nab one this time around!
  4. I have been searching on and off for ages for a strap like this! Does this design/style have a specific name? I’ve only ever found these for Apple watches... (which is not what I’m looking for) Im hoping to find one with a 20mm lug width to give a vintage look to a couple of watches. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Fair comment! Slightly bias here as Goldeneye was the first bond that I watched!
  6. This is a really difficult question! I would edge more towards the Seamaster (Whenever I try one on I feel like Bond!!)
  7. My advice... Things are only worth what you’re willing to pay... You only have one life, do what makes you happy! hope that helps!
  8. Loved Art - I’m a creative person, and we had very supportive teachers to help. Hated Science - Teacher couldn’t handle a class, it typically resulted in everyone getting a detention, or not being taught anything, along with GCSE coursework being lost. Several years later they were found out to be a pae*****e.
  9. Interesting question, I feel like I could live without a mobile phone some days, and other days I’m glued to it. I went for the first 15/16 years of my life without one. Back to the question, I typically have about 2 hours of screen time per day. Which would result in checking it probably about once or twice an hour. It just depends what the notifications are, and if they require an immediate response, or if I can delay them...
  10. Personally, I was very underwhelmed by all models/variants.
  11. Technically not my first watch, as I had a kiddies watch to help tell the time. This was my first watch in 2004, I was 16 years old, earning £3.45 per hour! I bought this with my first pay packet, along with a Superdry top. The watch is by Diesel, I fell in love with the retro styling, these were really popular, lots of people had them at the time. Dial colours were, blue, green, white, black, bronze. https://flic.kr/p/2jB1chY
  12. I’ve had a couple of regrets, but they were fairly inexpensive watches to be honest. But I regret not investing in some Tag Re-Issues (I remember some of these being around £500-£750 bracket on eBay!) back in 2006/2007 I used to go for quantity over quality! All part of the hobby! Leading, teaching, and educating yourself!
  13. I don’t mind the design, although it’s an acquired taste, but the price tag is too steep IMO, these will be going for next to nothing on the second hand market in a couple of years.
  14. The Clock face reminds me of the old BBC clock logo used on idents/news! (Early to mid 1990s)
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