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  1. Over the years I have admired many Tag Heuer / Heuer Watches, I love the classic designs of the 1960s/1970s there’s some fantastic pieces out there. Today I have been admiring pictures of the Tag Heuer Carrera 160 - CBK221B Then I was thinking, Tag never seem to be “proud”enough to put Tag on the watch, they always use the Heuer name, and also keep “recycling” ideas and designs. (There are a few exceptions, but generally they do stick to the Heuer name) I think they should split the company into Tag Heuer and Heuer IMO! What does everyone else think?
  2. Hello TWF, I’m looking for a specific strap, I’ve spent approx 4 hours trawling the internet over the last few days looking for the following... 20mm tapered to 18mm leather strap (deployment style ideally) but with curved lug ends... in Black! Any recommendations? I’ve tried the usual haunts eBay/Amazon/Etsy/Cousins/Gekota... Thanks in advance!
  3. Welcome!this forum is always full of friendly and honest advice, it’s a real hub! Sounds like you have a nice collection there, what do you have your eye on next?
  4. That is totally different! I love it, where is that from?
  5. Hi all, I’ve been looking on and off for 19mm straps/bracelets for my Tag Carrera, Ideally i would like a “Grains of rice” / “Beads of rice” bracelet, I’ve searched the net on and off for ages including eBay/Etsy/gekota/cousins, can anyone recommend any good sites which accommodate this awkward size lug width? Lol Thanks in advance!
  6. I like my watches to tell the time...
  7. Love your new Oris! Would love to see a SOTC at present! I haven’t bought a new watch since February 2019...I’m considering an Oris or Hamilton as my next purchase... but a new car is more likely atm!
  8. It’s a good thing that tastes and trends change. It would be boring liking the same things all the time! Mix it up a little!
  9. I have bought from them, and have had a few batteries changed there before, I would recommend, they have been in the arcade for years and years!
  10. Hi TWF Readers, I just wanted to tell you about a little project I’m taking part in, it’s a 31 day drawing challenge called “Inktober” (you may have heard of it) It was started by a chap called Jake Parker in 2009 - it’s a celebration of drawing, art and creativity! It originally started on Twitter and has spread across pretty much all social media platforms in the last 10 years! I am taking part and will be uploading (everyday hopefully!) videos of my submissions... Every day you have a prompt... click here to see the list: https://inktober.com/rules Please check out my submission for day 1 Are any TWF users taking part in Inktober? I’d love to check out your art/drawings/sketches/doodles/scrawls!!
  11. Please fan you take a few minutes to check out my video... I wanted have a go at drawing the vintage Heuer logo... I started off by drawing a 14cm x 7cm grid, and working around that. I started off with the U in Heuer and working out from that, during the video I did make a few mistakes, but I was too far into the drawing to scrap it completely!! I used the following: Rotring Mechanical Pencil (0.5 lead) Black Posca Paint Pen (8mm nib) Pilot V-Sign Pen - Black Signo Gel Pen (White) Pilot Super White Paint Pen Daler Rowney Sketch Pad (250gsm) Standard 30cm Ruler Please enjoy 45 minutes of footage squeezed down into a 4 minute timelapse!!
  12. Thank you! I did spend a lot more time and effort on that video... Thank you for the video feedback... I will consider voiceovers (but I really hate the sound of my voice) haha I’m just a bit camera shy!
  13. Please check out my latest video... I would appreciate any feedback (good or bad... I can take it!!) If you like my content enough... feel free to like, share or even subscribe!!
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