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  1. This is a fantastic offer, I saw this online and thought I would share with you all! Enter: EXTRA10 at the checkout for a further 10% off This makes the watch £2970 instead of £4000 (26% off) Probably one of the best deals on a new Omega (unless you’re amazing at haggling!) This Watch is also available in black! https://www.fraserhart.co.uk/omega-seamaster-diver-chronograph-men-s-stainless-steel-bracelet-watch-1.html
  2. I love chronograph’s, I’m always having a digital detox...
  3. You sir, are amazing! I hope you found some regional exclusives!!
  4. Thanks for the heads up... but I’ll give it a miss tonight.
  5. What makes it a “Batman” ... You can only wear them on a “Dark Knight”...
  6. There are so many aspects about this watch that I love, it’s a great all rounder! (I’m very jealous!) I’ll look forward to seeing some more posts/photos! CONGRATULATUONS!!
  7. It’s funny how fashions have changed... obviously 15 years is a long time! Personally, I am not overly keen on gold watches, although there are a handful I would own/wear. Talking about ”younger generation” lots of guys in their late teens/early twenties wear gold watches (at the moment) including gold/rose gold Apple/Smart Watches!
  8. I like all of my watches (at the moment)
  9. Massive congratulations on your new addition! I absolutely love this model! I had the chance of having one of these in a trade... I wish I took offer... Anyway, I can’t wait to see some more photos of this one!
  10. They’re so similar, yet so different! You should alternate them daily... that way they should both stay wound!
  11. WOW!!!! That is a beautiful looking watch!!
  12. How about one of the new straps which have appeared on HERE! I think the canvas style straps look great on a Tudor Black Bay! https://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/store/category/11-watch-straps/
  13. It looks like it’s been cobbled together from about 7 different watches! Miyolta movement should be good!
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