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  1. I received this MS18 recently and have to say that Scurfa has really upped their game, even more, it's a great watch.
  2. Still the Broadarrow
  3. It's been the Broadarrow PRS3 for the last ... I don't how long as I've been in the middle of moving house. I'm now back at work which feels like a rest after all the lugging about for the last week.
  4. From a WTB here From Meranom A present with the strap from here
  5. I've used them a few times and found them to be reliable. If your looking to buy booze online it's also worth checking out Amazon, especially if you have prime. They have some good deals crop up now and again.
  6. PRS5 for me on this wet old British Summer day
  7. Vratislavia Conceptum on a new Pav strap for me today
  8. I've had a few of Pavel's strap and they have always been great quality. I recently bought a Rally one off him which I'm wearing today.
  9. I always enjoy seeing your collection photo's John as they make mine seem more modest and sane
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