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  1. A lot of work £50ish including glass and i gasket.
  2. Yes tempted to have them made.
  3. Investment for inserts often $1000-$2000 minimum, will use standard inserts.
  4. Maybe have the original ratchet spring measured up and have 100 ratchet springs stamped out. :D imo SPEAK to a good independent, not impossible to sort a replacement ratchet spring.
  5. Dryeagle, Most watch and jewellery Titanium is commercially grade pure Ti 1 or 2, which is VERY SOFT, a much harder Ti would be grade 5 (6al-4v). Bry
  6. This new steel sounds very interesting Jonny
  7. Chaps no issues with Omega but they always said Omega's Titanium was dirty metal.
  8. Burty, Tefloturn can machine custom crystal gaskets, not cheap but worth it if you're stuck.
  9. Luke worth trying fleabay and Ali baba for dinky screws.
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