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  1. it's meant to be some sort of vintage digital design, I was wondering whether it is supposed to be a homage to Tetris
  2. Another topic knocking Rolex, what an original way to start a new year
  3. I bought a Casio vintage some time ago and enjoyed the simplicity of it, so bought two more These are a little bit bigger and have a link bracelet rather than a mesh. I think they are both limited runs but not sure. I would have preferred a mesh bracelet on both of them as the link bracelets aren't as comfortable but I guess once they have pulled all the hairs out they will be better First one has a turquoise mirror face And the second has a mirror finish grey case with a black bracelet, the face has an abstract design
  4. Poster of the year, I don't spend that much time on the forum but have enjoyed @Bricey and his stories I don't do technical, sorry I am not very knowledgeable on men's watches but I do like @yokel's Rolex Oysterquartz so that's my watch of the year @BondandBigM for the lifetime achievement keeping the Watches and Lingerie topic going for the last six years Photography, yes @Graham60 Have a good Christmas everyone xxx
  5. @Colin Belfast lovely watch and happy retirement!
  6. @Always"watching" I do like that, but I would need help building it
  7. This one today And from tomorrow (sorry) and for the next week I will be wearing this
  8. I loved this watch, started playing up and would have cost more to fix than it was worth, hard to tell the time though even in good light
  9. Congratulations I am wearing my geeky watch today
  10. I have been wearing this a lot, really enjoy it
  11. I like watches in the 29 mm to 34mm range, as I am what you would call petite so I don't think you can generalise, there are some big women out there. I do have a couple of 36mm watches which I can also get away with wearing and a rectangular gents vintage Hamilton which is 24mm Believe it or not this is only 29mm 30mm Omega 33mm Seiko And 34mm
  12. Christopher Hitchens - Hitch-22 Grahame Greene -The End of the Affair Jennifer Rowley and Richard Hartley - Organizing Knowledge
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