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  1. Lady's Seamaster 120 from the 1960's, rarely seen especially in this condition
  2. Doesn't keep very good time and there is some luminous paint missing on the hour hand but I like it
  3. I like that and would wear it, can't get away with leather though, a mesh maybe
  4. I seldom change my watch during the day or even during a week, JoT will change his two or three times a day for some reason
  5. I have been wearing a geeky Casio, cheap and very light on the wrist
  6. One for the ladies? Looks nice but can't see that it is feminine
  7. I could be persuaded to trade in my Ladies' Yachtmaster for this 31mm Oyster Perpetual, pretty xx
  8. I quite like this watch malarkey, got quite a few myself, all older watches, youngest is 2003 I think except for a cheap Casio which I don't really wear much because the mesh is a bit uncomfortable
  9. I am quite happy with mine for the time being so don't expect a phone call. Before Covid I was considering selling the Lady Yachtmaster, it is only 30mm diameter and the dial is very small, and getting a midsize Oyster Perpetual, not much bigger at 31mm but a larger dial
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