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  1. I am getting ready to start painting, doing sketches and about to start some preliminary work on paper before moving on to canvas, I have one medium sized and three small canvases and a few more on the way (hopefully), luckily I have a home studio (spare room). Also doing some research have some ideas for curating an exhibition at some point in the future. What else? I am going to start studying again in April by distance learning. Luckily JoT and me like each other's company, just as well
  2. I like a trip to the south coast, Dungeness, Lydd, Rye, Dymchurch
  3. Went to the butcher's and bought sausages, chicken breasts, lamb chops and some topside beef
  4. Brilliant photos John x
  5. This old Poljot Alarm today, sorry for the grubby old Barbour Looking at the watch magnified like that I think it also needs a clean
  6. Nooka Zub Zirc Hello Kitty is deceased
  7. My little Tag F1 was jumping for a couple of months until JoT noticed it, I didn't think anything of it
  8. With the exception of the Datejust I would put all of those watches in the dislike half if I was considering one for myself. If my partner was buying or wearing them I would have the Submariner in the like half and perhaps the Navitimer
  9. A couple of glasses of Primitivo
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