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  1. Nice pants Maybe I should post a more challenging one to imitate
  2. Went for a walk this morning with JoT and borrowed his Olympus camera, managed to shoot a Heron catching a fish.
  3. Watches and lingerie, like this? Did I get it right? {♥‿♥}
  4. What a lot of discussion over my new watch
  5. It's not jewels, if you check the dial at 9 position it says 21 jewels No idea what it means
  6. Other than my watches I don't have another collection, I don't have a lot of shoes or handbags or anything like that. I have got quite a lot of art and culture books (is that a collection?)
  7. Tressa Lux automatic (❁´◡`❁)
  8. Anyway back to the watch @Roger the Dodger wanted a photo with the watch the right way up And JoT took a picture of the AS 5206-2 movement
  9. She looks nice I like the watch as well
  10. @Tazmo61 JoT tells me you are right he had a look tonight And @Roger the Dodger I will get some more pics done Thank you, I don't normally go for gold colour but really like this one
  11. I can't believe I am starting a club ≧◠‿◠≦ My recently acquired Tressa Lux Automatic
  12. Recently arrived Tressa is quite sunny {♥‿♥}
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