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  1. My little Tag F1 was jumping for a couple of months until JoT noticed it, I didn't think anything of it
  2. With the exception of the Datejust I would put all of those watches in the dislike half if I was considering one for myself. If my partner was buying or wearing them I would have the Submariner in the like half and perhaps the Navitimer
  3. A couple of glasses of Primitivo
  4. What a beautiful and rare thing and so tiny! Thanks for posting
  5. @Caller. the food looks lovely I had tomato soup and some olive bread not quite the same standard!
  6. @BondandBigM they look interesting but not for me, I like coffee but don't like the idea of coffee and alcohol They must be strong though, judging by the above post Big M's wheels have fallen off three times!
  7. You should chill out its only a toothpaste tube
  8. Two pairs of shorts and a tee-shirt, the shorts look really nice on me
  9. I went to Japan and China last year, loved Japan, would love to go back. I have always wanted to go to India
  10. Size matters for me 36mm is my absolute maximum, 33mm to 34mm probably my favourite size although I do enjoy wearing small 28mm to 32mm women's watches
  11. I like that, Mart Is the hour hand a different metal or is it just tarnished?
  12. Having a glass of valpolicella very nice it is too xx
  13. Went for a walk this morning with JoT and borrowed his Olympus camera, managed to shoot a Heron catching a fish.
  14. What a lot of discussion over my new watch
  15. It's not jewels, if you check the dial at 9 position it says 21 jewels No idea what it means
  16. Other than my watches I don't have another collection, I don't have a lot of shoes or handbags or anything like that. I have got quite a lot of art and culture books (is that a collection?)
  17. Tressa Lux automatic (❁´◡`❁)
  18. Anyway back to the watch @Roger the Dodger wanted a photo with the watch the right way up And JoT took a picture of the AS 5206-2 movement
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