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  1. The Disco era looks like so much fun with a lot of good music, surprising it didn't last longer
  2. I wish you wouldn't wear a watch in bed, you have caught them in my hair, scratched me with a bracelet and banged me on the head while you were asleep
  3. Thank you both I bought what JoT said looked like a decent 16mm bracelet, it arrived and looked OK , suited the watch, problem was after JoT took out all the removable links it was still too big and the butterfly type fastener was uncomfortable even with the loose bracelet. Trouble is I can't send it back now and have wasted £21 I like the fine mesh straps but they all seem to be 7 to 8 inches long and with my tiny wrists it means I have 3 or 4 inches of the tail of the mesh to deal with and again it is uncomfortable. I have ordered one of these to try out but I am not 100% sure, the eyelets seem very prominent I have also ordered a leather strap in desperation There are expensive options but as the watch is a £25 EBay win I can't justify too much, I have already doubled my buying price
  4. Yes you should, we have over twenty, they are everywhere except on the wall including my paintings
  5. Poljot Alarm, the alarm still works and is surprisingly loud
  6. Can anybody recommend a good source for 16mm stainless steel bracelets, more in a vintage style if possible. JoT pointed me at Forstner but they seem expensive and are in the USA I have tried mesh bracelets which I really like but because of my tiny wrists there is too much length on the tail of the bracelet which makes it uncomfortable, I need something with a good number of removable links
  7. I don't wear a watch when I swim because I usually wear vintage watches, The Omega is kept well clear of water although it has been serviced so should be good for swimming but I don't want to risk it
  8. You are right there aren't many nice lady diver watches, I have still got my Lady Yacht-Master but they are crazy prices now I have also got this vintage Ladies' Omega 120 which I don't wear very often as it is so special Both are smaller than they look on my wrist at around 30 mm
  9. A really nice collection, the vintage Omega is stunning
  10. @wrenny1969 does it have to be a new watch? I picked up this Ladies' Seiko 4205 from Ebay a few years ago
  11. You will be wearing mine if you aren't careful
  12. I have been wearing this all week
  13. Lady's Seamaster 120 from the 1960's, rarely seen especially in this condition
  14. Doesn't keep very good time and there is some luminous paint missing on the hour hand but I like it
  15. I like that and would wear it, can't get away with leather though, a mesh maybe
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