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  1. I am getting ready to start painting, doing sketches and about to start some preliminary work on paper before moving on to canvas, I have one medium sized and three small canvases and a few more on the way (hopefully), luckily I have a home studio (spare room). Also doing some research have some ideas for curating an exhibition at some point in the future. What else? I am going to start studying again in April by distance learning. Luckily JoT and me like each other's company, just as well :laugh:

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  2. 15 hours ago, johnbaz said:

    I think my post from years ago has gone as I closed my photobucket account!


    Anyhow, This it Me and the missus getting hitched back in 1978!


    Some years later at her works christmas do!


    Me and me sister!


    Scruffy work pics!


    I'm the first fatty on the left in the boiler suit!!


    I think this is the most recent I have with my spare chins..






    Brilliant photos John x

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  3. I haven't been to Auschwitz but did visit Sachsenhausen just outside Berlin, around 30,000 people died or were murdered here but being near Berlin it wasn't just Jews it included a lot of political prisoners and Poles. After the war it was used by the Soviets to house German prisoners where another 12,000 died.

     A very sobering visit

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