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  1. Thank you Kutusov for showing us, humble pupils, how to do the modding ....
  2. I heard that Valentina blocked many attempts to create a Valentina watch, or representing her face without licence. Hallo Draygo! Happy to read your posts again! I'm quite well. Hope you are well too , and also the other friends. Nice watches, Kutusov! I must obtain one... :notworthy:
  3. Well done, Paul! I like your new site appearance :yes:
  4. Oh, nice watch! (not speaking of the strap...) :wallbash:
  5. Today is Valentina Tereshkova birthday http://tvzvezda.ru/news/vstrane_i_mire/content/201403061620-e4gv.htm Happy birthday, Valentina! :thumbup:
  6. Nice watch! Is it stainless steel automatic?
  7. I want to express my thanksgiving to Paul, for his excellent service of the few electric watches I sent him. And he is kind and expert in his job!
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