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  1. Sounds ominous, lets hope JLC come back to me and don't charge anything like they do for a service...
  2. I have indeed, waiting to hear back from them.
  3. Crikey that Dornblüth is an absolute beaut.
  4. Hi all One of the links in my dad's JLC Albatross (example linked below) strap has perished and the only replacement I can find is on ebay for c£550 (for the full strap - I can't find anywhere selling a single link). I'd like for him to be able to wear it again, but can't stretch to the £550, so was thinking maybe a nice leather strap. My problem is that the lug/pin isn't straightforward, as the first link is wider than the lug connector that slots into the case. As you can probably tell, part of the problem is that I haven't got the terminology required to even look for something! Can someone tell me what this type of strap is called? https://www.chrono24.co.uk/jaegerlecoultre/albatros---edelstahl---armband-edelstahl---34x33mm---sehr-gut---vintage--id19204906.htm Thanks Max
  5. I was looking at a nearly new watch from a private seller on Chrono24. The more I look at both watches and hear from the good folk on here, the more convinced I am that I stumbled upon the right decision.
  6. Just taken the plunge on a Nomos, but my god I think I looked at every watch on earth with an RRP of £1.5k - 2.5k.
  7. ..I was gutted to learn that I couldn't source the watch in the UK, meaning I was facing c£400 import duty (Thanks Brexit)...Anyway, after looking at an absurd about of watches, I plumped for the Nomos Tangente 38 in midnight blue, and I must say I'm very excited to receive it. Does anyone know if the c7 week lead time they're quoting is likely to be accurate? The salesperson suggested it is often way shorter, but I couldn't work out if that was just a ploy to push the sale through.
  8. It's a lovely watch, but I want something a bit busier I think..
  9. Not following this Rocky reference...
  10. Sorry (There is a 41mm version )
  11. Only slight snag with the numbers only Nomos is 37mm diameter...maybe a touch small
  12. Come on man, it was democracy in action!
  13. Or for anyone weirded out by the number/numeral mash up..
  14. A week or so ago you all helpfully whittled down a shortlist for me and I settled on a Union Glashutte watch. However, I've seen a Nomos Glashutte and I'm all over the place. May I therefore have your preference between these:
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