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  1. I was looking at a nearly new watch from a private seller on Chrono24. The more I look at both watches and hear from the good folk on here, the more convinced I am that I stumbled upon the right decision.
  2. Just taken the plunge on a Nomos, but my god I think I looked at every watch on earth with an RRP of £1.5k - 2.5k.
  3. ..I was gutted to learn that I couldn't source the watch in the UK, meaning I was facing c£400 import duty (Thanks Brexit)...Anyway, after looking at an absurd about of watches, I plumped for the Nomos Tangente 38 in midnight blue, and I must say I'm very excited to receive it. Does anyone know if the c7 week lead time they're quoting is likely to be accurate? The salesperson suggested it is often way shorter, but I couldn't work out if that was just a ploy to push the sale through.
  4. It's a lovely watch, but I want something a bit busier I think..
  5. Not following this Rocky reference...
  6. Sorry (There is a 41mm version )
  7. Only slight snag with the numbers only Nomos is 37mm diameter...maybe a touch small
  8. Come on man, it was democracy in action!
  9. Or for anyone weirded out by the number/numeral mash up..
  10. A week or so ago you all helpfully whittled down a shortlist for me and I settled on a Union Glashutte watch. However, I've seen a Nomos Glashutte and I'm all over the place. May I therefore have your preference between these:
  11. Good shout Yokel. I'll go with the Union..now, where to source one...
  12. Such is my disdain for you all, I'll be going for the one with least votes. I like the Union one, but it could be a ballache to get it. My second pick as things stand is the Muhle, which is available at Jura/CW Sellors
  13. Welcome to any other suggestions. Cheers!
  14. Noted and agreed. Reminds me of my dad who angrily refused to sell his lawn mower to a bloke who tried to get a discount on what was already a bargain, even when he was then re-offered the original price
  15. True. It was £975 new and so if Tag need to fix it, it might not even be worth it.
  16. A quick google suggests this is a fairly common issue, and is a bit of a faff to fix. Sounds like I'll have to just take the knock to the part/ex price offered.
  17. Hi all I have a Tag Heuer F1 from c2012, which I want to part ex. My potential issue is that the crown doesn't screw down, it just pops back up again. You still need to pull it further out for the time/date setting positions, but it's clearly not as it should be. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix? I may just take the hit on the part/ex price if so.
  18. Fab thanks, I'll try the same.
  19. Feels like I've left it too late.
  20. Happy Birthday, what a great surprise!
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