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  1. Another Carl with another new prs18, but an auto this time.. Very impressed so far, please excuse the quickly taken this morning poor iPhone pics; HAGWE Carl.
  2. :thumbsdown: Came across that one earlier, jeez, what an absolute p.o.s , and that bezel insert...?! Looks nice and shiny though ha ha.
  3. hi nice one like that all the best woody77. I've been very tempted by these a couple of times, lovely. Cheers lads :thumbsup:
  4. Quick update. Now off the nato and on to a Hirsch large hole rallye I had on another watch; Definitely suits it better than the nato. Also got a small hole rallye I may try it on. The chrono hand now reset's to zero perfectly every time too. Picture is purposely of poor quality so no one steals it :eek: :P
  5. Well I just scrape in to the post 1980 this sunday, very quick and dirty pic taken this morning after a strap change; Have a good sunday all :)
  6. :thumbsup: Looks like I paid over the odds for it anyway.... Yes looks better on that than the bracelet, I've got a small hole black rallye (with white stitching) that I may stick it on for now, just to see how it feels.... :)
  7. :thumbsup: Well done CGS, about time too, massive fan of that caseback...
  8. Yep you got me guvnor', guilty as charged... Did you notice the second hand wasn't reset to zero in the pic? The seller told me he'd just had the battery changed so I assumed the second hand just needed re-setting to zero, did this as soon as I got, wonderful I thought... Until it didn't reset to zero again the other day, it runs perfect apart from that. I assume it needs a service? It doesn't bother me that much at the minute, I assume it isn't causing it any damage? I think your right about the leather, I didn't buy the nato specifically for this one I just thought it suited it...
  9. Hi, I assume that what you have given there is the model number not the serial, and the watch can't be dated from that. The serial/production number should be six digits.... :)
  10. A 7A28-702A nonetheless.... B) Just thought I'd share a few pics of this weeks new arrival and the third 7A28-xxxx in my collection. This one wears smaller than the other two (having no bezel makes it appear much smaller), and is very similar in appearance to the raf issued gen 1 7A28-7120.... It also has lugs (my other 7a28's are of the lugless design) so can easily be worn on a nato, which is what I shall be wearing it on. It also has more than a hint of 'speedmaster' to it.... Anyway, just a few quick pics taken this afternoon; And swapped onto the Nato, as I shall be wearing it; :)
  11. Surely there must be someone with a breitling b1 or airwolf?! I think the airwolf is my all time favourite caseback, in fact if I had one I'd wear it upside down, stuff telling the time... :D My favourite out of the ones I own is the aquaracer I think;
  12. Some more yellow to brighten up this Saturday (the sun is actually shining at the moment though!)...
  13. Still wearing (and loving) my new arrival, can't much more modern than this; B)
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