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  1. Hi all - long time member, but I am more of a wrist watch man. Can anybody help a little please? I love this clock, had it for a while but it's started playing up - pendulum working fine, but hands just stop moving. A little investigation reveals that the 'catch' that propels the 'cog/wheel' isn't catching as the wheel teeth are worn down. (apologies, I don't know any of the correct terms, but I have included a pic) So, I am pretty sure it's not a case of adjusting it - it needs a new wheel/cog part (am I right about that?) So, I need to know what the correct term is for me to search for that part and fit it. Could anybody point me in the direction of a stockist please? And tell me the correct term for those parts? Thanks in advance, Jem IMG_1937 by Jeremy Biddulph, on Flickr IMG_1935 by Jeremy Biddulph, on Flickr Just realised looking at the close up picture of the part - I now think that bending the 'catch' down a little (the arm thing attached to pendulum), might work? But I don't really want to risk damaging it. So, I'd rather find the correct part and fit it
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