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  1. If the main thing is holding value, then you may want to look for a mint used example of chosen watch. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Haha yes It looks like a seiko auto diver on the advert for battery changes ! The level of ineptitude runs deep in that firm. Looks like the diver place is a good call, the watch hospital sounds good as well - they have quite a few stores up north
  3. I went into a high st watch “repair” establishment beginning with T and ending with impsons to have a link removed from a bracelet - after the knuckle dragger who worked there had finished brutalising my watch (trying to knock the screws out with a punch) I tentatively enquired about pressure testing. Their machines only test to 50m apparently so a 200m watch won’t register. Where can I get a 200m watch safely pressure tested without posting it away? Hope you guys can help - I am out in the sticks but near ish to Gloucester/Bath/Bristol
  4. It is also super legible - no mistaking that hour hand.
  5. I saw this thread in July when researching for a new (pre owned) watch - hadn’t seen the black bay before this thread.....and now have one on my wrist ! The red eta 79220R on steel bracelet - For those who worry about it being thick, it is a visual thing - it’s flat on the back so it sits flat on the wrist. The overall thickness is quite “normal” ! It’s definitely not of dress watch proportions though - it is solidly built and not light weight. Overall its a super classy piece - really grows on you. Looks quite subtle at first glance but it has some very cool design/detail in there. Don’t buy one haha
  6. They seem to be discounted at chronomaster is it the same as buying from the steinhart site as regards to guarantee etc
  7. Nice - I’m guessing the difference is in the fine detail on something like the stenhart and a Tudor. Lots of positive comments on the steinharts!
  8. What are the bracelets like? (On both) one of the reasons I want a Seamaster 2254 is because I really like the bracelet... Wouldn't a service FOR a steinhart be of a similar price to the Tudor? both Swiss auto movements.
  9. Haha ! - well it’s at least of some vague relevance, if it said “retro style” I might be wondering the same of that particular timepiece and not buying one. The military without a date looks like a nice piece, doesn’t say vintage on the dial either !
  10. From a purely aesthetic point of view overall - it doesn’t put me off, like you say it’s just one word - and tiny ! but I can’t understand why it needs to be there. Then saying that, a lot of watches have “un necessary” words on the dial
  11. Hi Guys - not posted for a while on here, but always over for a lurk ! I’m looking for a new watch and whilst researching, came across the steinhart vintage diver (the one with the 3/6/9 numerals on the face) it sure looks classy and ticks almost all the boxes for my new watch purchase..... but why why why put “vintage” on the dial !! It’s clearly a vintage inspired piece...Then I saw the titanium diver they do - and to my dismay it says “titanium” on the dial. What’s that all about! This may seem like nit picking and I’m sure some will think I’m being ridiculous but it bothers me to the point that I don’t want to get it, dispite it being so cool. So do I have to spend £2000 more to get a Tudor black bay red, to get the kind of thing I’m looking for?? If anyone has any comments or suggestions that would be great - looking for a vintage style diver with a decent brand, prefer no date, not too chunky, with a bracelet - sub £2k (prefer to buy used) must be actually waterproof ! Ive narrowed it down to omega 2254 and black bay red - but less pricey options would be good!
  12. I thought pistonheads had started charging for ads - tried to put my car on there recently and it was asking for money ?
  13. Doing some research on Images for a photography class I came across this watch related oddness - I like Martin Parr's photography, did not know he collected watches too. From the Artist: "I have long been fascinated by the way photography and society interact. We are bombarded with images every day and most of these are on billboards, magazines and even objects. Over the years I have collected various forms of vernacular photography such as postcards, but more recently have expanded this collecting into objects. "Most of these watches originate from Iraq where many versions of watches with photographic portraits of Saddam have been manufactured. Some of these are expensive Swiss made watches while some are relatively cheap. Saddam also had a penchant for giving away watches to both foreign guests and his own Republican Guard. The final watches are anti-Saddam ones made and produced in the USA." Link http://www.photoeye.com/BookteaseLight/bookteaselight.cfm?catalog=zc376 (A few images from the book)
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