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  1. I know, it's not ideal but I couldn't think of a way to swap the crowns over (i.e. I haven't got the skills!). Not a problem for me though, I'll keep it just for working around the house, painting etc when I don't want to ruin a decent watch. The movement is a fairly tight fit in the case anyway, I think the overall size is a bit bigger than the other movement, so I didn't really need the plastic spacer. I might have to fine tune it a bit though, to straighten the inner bezel part. I'm happy with it anyway, although no doubt some of the experts on here will be horrified at my efforts :lol: looks like it was meant to be
  2. wont bother warning people anymore about fakes watches on ebay its not worth the trouble it brings even when they are being sold as genuine.
  3. yes but when im telling people i bought a genuine tissot watch that turned out to be a fake that should be allowed so that others dont make the same mistake as i have surely this should be allowed on the forum can a moderator look into this as this ebay seller is selling these on a daily basis hes also just been left a negative for the same thing selling a fake tissot watch that is clearly been offered as genuine.
  4. i had a post running about a fake tissot watch that had been bought as a genuine watch on ebay and the post has been removed just wanted to know why ? have i broken a rule by posting this ? i mean i just wanted to warn other members of the forum about the fake watches on sale on ebay that are being sold as genuine i thought that would have been ok ?
  5. i have had many a bargain probably best one was a tudor prince i gave £200.00 for sold it for £500.00 and a rolex airking at £550.00 sold it for £800.00 just bought a tissot prc200 brand new for £83.00 complete with box set so that was pretty good to. Just bought a PRC200 for the old man for his birthday, cracking watch. I'll give you £84 for it....... :) ha ha would be nice yeah but these are £250.00 new and i like the watch so will where it a while before i do anything with it.
  6. i have had many a bargain probably best one was a tudor prince i gave £200.00 for sold it for £500.00 and a rolex airking at £550.00 sold it for £800.00 just bought a tissot prc200 brand new for £83.00 complete with box set so that was pretty good to.
  7. will stick to my guide i think becomes complicated otherwise.
  8. now i know why some watches are so hard to find.........YOU HAVE THEM ALL! oh my god and my missus is moaning about the 50 odd i have !
  9. bloddy hell theres a stunning collection there
  10. then thats no good to me as most watches are 10 or at most 20 microns thick which is still very very thin to build upto 262 microns would cost me a fortune on anything im plating.
  11. I can, but to do it accurately you need something like this. I've used this sort of thing plenty of times. :D never seen one of them and will that measure microns ?
  12. some older rolexs were gold plated with a stainless steel base normally as i had a datejust one with gold plated strap and case
  13. this has gone on for many years in the pocket watch game especially on the cheaper low end pocket watches as it does make them more collectable with a charatcer dial ive even been to swap meets where i have exchanged dials this is well know accross smiths ingersoll westclox type dollar pocket watches i cant see the problem myself i would rather have a picture on the dial better than a boring smiths pocket watch thats worth no money at all 95% of every dial ive seen is really well done with a high gloss finsh ive seen some poor paper dials but most of them are enamled and look very very good up to whos buying them really but smiths also made hundreds of these type pocket watches and even commisioned them for big firms like guiness double diamond bitter and gruops of the 60s the beatles etc etc it really is impossible to tell how many smiths actually made themselves
  14. no but depending if its being tank plated or brush plated i know roughly how much microns of gold are going on the item being plated as theres a guide in my kit. also please see this thread heres a bracelet i plated for a fellow member http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=57921&st=0&p=587991&fromsearch=1&#entry587991
  15. lets see the pics it will help i can gold plate it for you will need to see pictures first though so i can give you a price ive already done a few members watches etc and straps please see this http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=57896
  16. No Yachtmasters don't have them. In fact I don't think any Rolex Oyster has a glass back correct they dont but you can get custom made ones which ive got to be honest really look the part and then you can show of your movement as well as your watch
  17. also put a white sheet down under you and onto your lap so if you do lose a hand you can find it easily
  18. many thanks this is a great forum
  19. ive emailed the guy and pretended im interested he says the watch is a quartz with working stopwatch i seriously doubt that even as its got the wrong subdials i would say its a cheap 21 jewel automatic with no stopwatch wont be on there much longer now anyway he reckons it was his fathers who has had it years !
  20. just wondering why the Swiss section has disapeared ?
  21. its not unusual its just that this is not the same watch as an ingersoll truimph as the trump was made in USA where ingersolls were made in GB Ystragynlais in South Wales these are a totally different watch with i assume a different movement post a picture and i'll tell you still a nice pocket watch
  22. yes your right look at the subdials in his picture totally wrong as that watch will not even have a stop watch so is a very cheap fake.
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