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  1. Right now, one of the South bend movements is on its way to me for a spa treatment and a new case out of damascus steel :) So i should be posting pics of that pretty soon i hope. The Southbend has beautiful bridges, screwed chatons... it's a nice movement, i just hope i'll be able to not mess it up too much :) Ondrej
  2. I do get your point, i really do, but... i use ETA for a couple of really good reasons - they are proven, reliable, easy to obtain, powerful enough to support complications, and parts (because in the modifications, you tend to mess up sometimes) are easy to get... So, yes, i use very usual movements, but i always try to give them my own twist... i have a couple of more special ones in the works, but shhhhhhh :) Ondrej
  3. Nope, Olie is my buddy's better half :) Actually, Slatina is about 400km away from Prague, in much nicer country (kind of an inside joke here in CZ :) ) Ondrej
  4. Thank you guys :) I will post more pics and info asap (cause they are tasty from the back as well :) ). Anyway, as for all the markers and hands, though some of you might disagree with me (and you have full right to), i like it just the way it is, and the thing about the blue seconds hand - i wanted it to be there, but to be very unnoticeable (if that's even a word)... So there you go :) Anyway, i am grateful for all your comments, i really appreciate y'all taking the time and expressing your opinion :) Roger, i have a feeling you could afford one, this one is really a budget option, i wanted to make something that could find a new owner pretty quickly :) Take care, Ondrej
  5. Hey guys, i snatched this picture from my facebook - a buddy of mine posted the first picture he took of my new watch, a bit of a 'budget' model :) More pics and info coming soon :) Any feedback will be appreciated :) Thank you for looking, take care, Ondrej
  6. Well go ahead and share the pics, i'm sure the guys here will appreciate any insight into building a watch. Am i right? :) The budget watch, yes. I will post some in progress pics as soon as i'll get my parts back from the plating and as soon as i have the silver tubing i ordered - i'm doing applied markers with lume dots, and i spent a whole day making the little tubes out of titanium, until i realized i can easily buy them in silver for next to nothing. :yucky: More stuff soon, take care, Ondrej
  7. And as for the non skeleton watches, here's a little budget thing i have in the pipeline right now :) Ondrej
  8. Hey guys, thank you for all your kind words, i really appreciate them. Now for the questions - the case is made out of titanium with damasteel bezel, the crown is from the same bar of damascus, only re-forged a bit to scale down the pattern. The movement used is russian Molnia, and though these have their faults (the bridge attachment is a bitch, goes wrong in a jiffy if you're not careful), they are tough and pretty damn nice. And most of all, it's something different than your usual ETA. The black on all of the parts is DLC, combined with bronze and gold plating. Thank you, take care, Ondrej
  9. Hey guys, i hope you aren't getting tired of these, cause i plan on posting more and more :) For now though, i got some pics of the newest thing i finished recently, the #32 Pen-y-Darren. Please feel free to let me know what you think, and if you have any questions, let's hear them :) Thank you for looking, take care, Ondrej
  10. You hit a nail on the head there - i didn't know about it until i read your post, but subconsciously, i felt like that. The dial, as you said, is asymetrical, so it's only natural to place the nameplate asymetrically. But on the other hand.... like i said, we'll see :) The movement baseplate is 6498 ETA. There is a perspective playing a trick on you. Take care, Ondrej
  11. Thank you for your kind words guys, i sure appreciate them. James, i get what you're saying. It might look better, more symetrical. We'll never know though (although some of us know :D ). The truth is, the whole nameplate will look different once i have it re-engraved for the letters to be oriented right. We'll see. I made the dial three times already, and i learned to be kinda letargic about re-making the parts all the time, so i might have another go at it. Take care, Ondrej PS: some more pics soon :)
  12. Hey everyone, it took quite some time, but i managed to get some more done - here's the backlid and the strap put on (i managed to drill the springbar holes). The crystal is there just to see what it's going to look like - it's a bit chipped test one i got laying on my table in the shop to test press fit on my front bezels. And today, i did something i was looking forward to for a loooooong time - finished the top layer of the dial. I will be sandblasting some parts tomorrow, so i will take the lower layer along and do it as well. But for now, this is what i got. Here's a couple of pics for you to check out how the light plays on the damascus. I quite like it :) Thank you for looking, take care, Ondrej
  13. Thank you guys :) The plates are brass, but they will be (at least i think) rhodium plated. But looking at the pics, i see what you mean with the nautical theme. It might be a good idea for another project :) Anyway, i couldn't help myself, and i managed to do all i had to today, and by staying overtime, i also managed to machine me a front bezel. Feel free to let me know what you think (i mocked the watch up a bit, for you to see what it's going to look like). Still a lot of work on this one, and i expect it to take some time before it's finished, but i'm really excited already :) Oh yes, my egraver is a moron - he engraved my name upside down for some reason, even though i showed him how the plate is going to be positioned. So now it is re-sand the plate, and send it back... Oh well. Thank you for looking, take care, Ondrej
  14. Thank you guys, it's really nice to be welcomed back like this :) Here's some more pics, and you are right, this movement will be going into a titanium case, with blasted titanium (not sure if i will rhodium plate it) and blue damascus dial. The idea is to have the whole watch white and blue, just like the waves of the ocean hitting the shore.I have seen an ocean after a couple of years at the end of December - and it kinda made an impression :) And yes, the bridges are damascus, and the chatons and the name plates will be rhodium plated (as well as the sand blasted base plate). A mock up of the dial A work started on the case - the movement and dial fits in nicely, and i hope to be making the front bezel soon. I just gotta steal some time to work on it :) In the box with one other movement - a flipped 6498 ETA. What do you guys think about the name plate on the dial? My girlfriend asked me if i'm getting a bit narcistic, so i'm not really sure if i should put it there or not. Thank you for looking, take care, Ondrej PS: about the orders, i do make some budget (while still pretty, i think :) )watches from time to time, it's all about sending me an e-mail and asking the right questions :) :) :) :)
  15. Hey everyone, been absent for a long time, and the truth is i don't have much time to hang around on the net because of all the work, but this is a little thing i've been working on for the past couple of months between the orders and other stuff. You guys want to see more of the progress pics? Thank you for looking, take care, Ondrej
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