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  1. yes, this forum was some conditions placed on new comers. So at this stage I am not permitted to utilize the PM option. so you will have to reply for all to see!
  2. cool - the dial code indicates this one is from 1980. Or that is how I read it from the photo. The Timex Watch Forum on Network54 is no more. I was among the cast of characters who contributed to it for many years. Timex like Time marches on and so do their vintage watches. Timex entered the battery powered race in 1962 and had many different styles and movements. What is really cool about some of them ( the latter Taiwan made are less quality but great styling) is how easy it is to get them running again.
  3. best to not have them run and cause wear to parts. if stored for long periods of time the battery should be removed just in case of battery leakage. Some need a little shake to get the balance to swing on start up. This is very common with the model 67 and the 84. Even the Timex "electric", "dynabeat", and "electronic" here is my factory exhibition back set with clear plastic back - one of two known to exist! - Acquired from the estate of former Timex engineer that worked in the battery operated division back in the 1960's and 1970's.
  4. The would be a Timex Marlin with Date - 2124 is the model 25 is the movement and 70 is the date made. Looks like this - Can't actually wind it wrong. The movement oils have dried up and a service should do the trick. These also came with no date feature and without the luminous hands and dots around the dial.
  5. nice look, there a a few others of the same year you may want to be on the lookout for. The one with the Pepsi bezel is the perhaps the most difficult to find.
  6. I have a specialized tool use for this sort of movement. well okay it is not so special but it does the trick. The tool is no more than a strain if mainspring about 2 inches long attached to a small wooden stick. dab the metal with some lube and slip in into the train of the movement where you can see in the battery compartment. next to remove the stem you pull the crown out that with a pair of tweezers you slip them into the area that has two slots. this expands the retainer clip and allows you to remove the stem. grease the tip of the crown and install it back. there is a quiz
  7. a few more tips. - check the circuit board is not cracked. You can actually remove the board and run a jumper across the terminals. It will not run correctly but this tells you if all else is running. - insert the battery and apply light pressure to hold it in place. than give the balance a flick. does it attempt to sing at all?
  8. have a look at this link.- I outlined the base process to getting the movement working. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/6736-1975-timex-dynabeat-basic-restore/?tab=comments#comment-67168
  9. I found that the pallet forked had over banked. By backing out the end cap I was able to move it back into potion. The watch is all cleaned up and ready for the collection now.
  10. I'm sure you have all seen or heard of manual winder converted over to quartz. YUCK!But, have you ever thought about how to convert a quartz over to manual? I have, and so tonight I went ahead and came up with this one.
  11. The Black max is a definite 'Grail Watch' prized by vintage Timex collectors. I was fortunate this week in obtaining one that appears to be new old stock. Although grimy and not running, this will become a jewel in my collection. Following is the before picture and a link to the TV commerical that introduced the watch. Stay tuned as this project develops! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeHDQw1VTFg
  12. This one just came in today along with 59 of his friends! I little tweaking, some JerseyMo magic and it is ticking away just fine.
  13. Yes, a very 1970's dial and I'd say that crystal would buff out just fine. That is unless those are cracks and not scuffs.
  14. No, that is a name that is often used to describe the dial. The model itself comes from the "Electronic" series. Red Nebula just sounds more exotic!
  15. yes, they are orange. I like that, will use it as a tag line. A lot of 60 is coming in today which brings me to about 300 I have to "get working". one is a Black Max....funny how we just mentioned this model. and bam one shows up. Now about that pile of gold...
  16. I recently found the correct strap to match this unique dial from Timex. What do you think?
  17. The only year of production was 1958. and yes I have both the black and white dial version. Somewhere I do recall having the instruction sheet. Now that is even more rare than the watch!
  18. Unless your son expressed interest in a higher end watch you should save the money. The fact that he likes the vintage Timex is inline with the current trend of vintage Timex prices rising due to demand from the 20 somethings. Interesting enough I just restore two of those models which are a bit of a pest because they have the 106 Taiwan made movement. These are common to have a worn click and pallet fork. Look me up on Ebay under pack43 for my offerings. Now about the comment on American schools being easy... Having may teachers in the family including myself I hav
  19. seems I can't look at watches for sale until I have 50 posts. are you looking to buy one?
  20. I think I may also buy some more parts for the cabinet.
  21. Mel: As you know my collection of vintage Timex is also rather excessive. All attempts to count have halted somewhere after 300 with piles and piles let to go. My best estimate that the highest number I ever had on hands was near 1000. Currently I would guess maybe 500? Of course that is only the Timex pieces and maybe there are 50 or so others like Waltham (pocket watches), LeCoutre, IWC, Omega, Longines, Hamilton and such. Add to this the display cases and cabinets full of NOS parts and well it fills half of the storage room. There is a reason behind this all and that is my go
  22. Here are a few of the final 2017 projects and those that will be worked on for the start of 2018. All a mix of three purchases made early December and totaling about 150 pieces. Typically I begin by sorting them out by movement type and follow with looking those that should turn around quickly. All in all these should keep me busy for a month or two What are you working on?
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