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  1. Thanks for all your comments, If i buy one, will be from Creation Watches, best prices out there!
  2. Hi, I am thinking about buying a Seiko SNA411. I have a Black monster, and thinking about selling it, hope I dont regret. I cant find any reviews about this watch, so please let me know what you think about it! Features: Type: Alarm Chronograph Movement: Quartz Calibre: 7T62 Pilot's flightmaster watch Crystal: Dome Hardlex crystal Dial: Black dail with yellow second hand Bezel: Bi directional with slide function Case: Stainless steel Case diameter: 46mm including crown Case thickness: 13mm Water resistance: 200meters Bracelet/Strap: Solid stainless steel links
  3. Just got my Seiko last Friday from Singapore, Creation Watches, and I should say, no worries, via FedEx, ordered on Monday evening! BTW I live in Portugal! And no customs, just great! Paid 156 Euro for a brand new BM grey market! Plus 15 for FedEx service! Will buy again from them!
  4. Hi guys! Just received my new Black Monster today from Singapore, its brand new, with tags and all the wrapping stuff! I just love it! But, from the serial number, I have a doubt, is it still being produced, because I don't think this watch is 10 years old!! Serial number is 011359 so it dates January either 2000 or 2010. I read somewhere that this watch earlier than 2004 had date in English/Roman and after 2004 English/Spanish, mine has it in English/Spanish. Is this true or it has nothing to do with the production year, but with different versions? So are these watches so popular and been in the shelf for 10 years?? I just cant believe this.... tell me its not true! Thanks guys!!
  5. Well I guess The BM is growing on me, I am starting to love that watch! Can someone suggest a website or ebay seller where I can get one under £150...
  6. No 7009 movement experts?? I do have another problem, something is jamming the date to change properly, the quick date changing function doesn't work well, it changes once or twice but them it jams middle way and I need to rotate the hands to make it change completely... Any ideas how to fix it please?
  7. I have seen that modification a few days ago when I was googling this watch, and I think its very nice indeed, but its a minor detail for me!
  8. Hi everyone, I found this Vintage Seiko 5 that belonged to my Dad, but I would like to know more about it. From the serial number 841573 I think its dated April 1988, the back lid is a bit erased and I cant see all the numbers of the model: This is what I think it may be: 7009-3150 7009-3750 7009-5150 7009-5750 I am sure about the last two numbers 50, not sure about the first two... It was just serviced last week and fitted a new crystal, no bracelet yet. Seems to keep good time, and the movement is in very good condition. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanx
  9. Yup, that one is gr8, love the yellow stripe on the crown! Is there any apathy to kinetics? At least they are accurate! :) Edit- Can you recommend any to try and find a bargain? I'm just looking on ebay... Why not?! To be honest, my choice is on the Atlas, but I am not sure yet, and I will wait a couple more weeks to buy it, i still may change my mind... If I find a good bargain...
  10. I am waiting for this one, hope to receive it next week!!
  11. I think the Submariner SKX031 was excluded from my list at this point, it leaves just the Black monster and the Black Atlas....
  12. I also like the SKA371P1, it is Kinetic not full Automatic, but it looks very cool!
  13. Olá Paulo, entre esses, o Monster sem dúvida nenhuma!!! Dá também uma vista de olhos ao SKX007. Translation: Hi Paul, between those, go for the Monster! Also consider the SKX007. Sorry mods, last time I'll post in Portuguese, ok??... :bag: Hi there bro :cheers: ! I'm from Aveiro! I lived a couple of years in London, that's why my English is not very bad! Thanks for your opinions, I've seen the SKX007 also but some owners say that the SKZ211 (Atlas) has more quality, thats why I excluded it from my 3 Favourite Divers! I do like the monster, its a big watch, bit heavy but also very comfortable (based on reviews) The Atlas is also very cool, because of the 2 crowns, the compass is not very useful, but it looks ok! The submariner, its simple, good looking, and Rolex homepage!! Cheers! Paulo
  14. How about which even ? :unsure: :rolleyes: :duh: I do apologise for my English :blush2: I'm Portuguese!
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