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  1. My old beater for me, well beaten up, but still running strong (wrong date as its an old photo)
  2. Just posted a pic on the 1973 Eterna Kontiki thread, so thought I'd share my new addition here too. Its been a while since I've been here, as I was struggling to log on.
  3. Just become a member of this very exclusive little club. Absolutely loving mine...here's a pic of it after I'd swapped out the shark mesh for a nice leather Toshi. Not sure I can answer questions but Ive got a couple of Eternas.
  4. Cheers Rotundus, I reckon that will probably end up the route I take, as I could do with an extra link for the bracelet too! It's a lovely little watch and I can't believe how low they seem to be valued. I'll keep looking, but anyone who can help with supplier, would be great.
  5. Anyone here know if there is still an importer/supplier who would be able to supply a new face for a 90's Ellesse sports watch (200m depth rating). I got it from the 'bay (really bad photos which didn't show the discolouration!!!) and found that as it had been stopped for such a long time the hands had caused discolouration to the silver face. The movement is virtually the same as my little Tag F1 watch and started straight away after fitting a new battery. It's a lovely little watch, but would love to get a fresh face fitted to smarten it up a touch. Any help would be greatly appr
  6. Like Greasmonkey above, I remember the new digital era from my youth, with the LED variants, then the LCD coming of age. I really love the collection. The big old hunk of steel on the bottom row reminds me of "Gort" from the original film "The day the Earth stood still". I really should get an old LCD for my collection, they're so cool. Thanks for sharing the pics of your great collection!
  7. Thank God I only ever change the odd battery in my cheapo quartz watches, I just bought a second hand case removal tool. I think I need to get a back pressing on tool soon though. I think I'll leave anything more than this to grown up's :yes:
  8. Dream on Blue Knight......most female cops I've seen dont look anything like this :lookaround: My advice regarding mobile phones and cars....put it in the glove box and lock it, that way you can hear it ring, but to answer it you have to stop, turn the engine off in order to open the glove box....then return the call, you'll NEVER get in trouble that way....unless you decide to do it on the motorway :boredom: Phones and cars dont mix....I've seen the consequences and had to console the next of kin :( Stu
  9. Wowzzzers....that Sealord is to die for....looks stunning :jawdrop: Your a lucky guy, with some great clocks
  10. I've been watching this saga unfold and its utterly BRILLIANT. Its great to see there are still back yard engineers with great skills :notworthy: Really enjoying the photo instructions too, Roger, you are the main man :smartass: Looking forward to the conclusion now.....it WILL all work :sweatdrop: Thanks for persisting with this post.....it'll be well worthwhile Stu
  11. Hi John, welcome to the forum from a perma-wet Ashton-u-lyne :lookaround: Great to see another Mancunian on the forum....shame about having to sell some watches....just means you can buy some more....and if you stay here, you surely WILL :whistle: Enjoy and watch your wallet...it can empty in no time :sweatdrop: Stu :thumbsup:
  12. Blimey.....What a beautifully crisp watch :kewlpics: Might be a simple movement.....but it sure looks nice to look at!!!! Sort of reminds me of Pamela Anderson :whistle: At 120 years old, I dont want to see her either clothed or undressed :schmoll: Chester silver.....nice and special too, thanks for sharing the lovely pics :good: Stu
  13. What a lovely pair of retro trials bikes.....I remember the Honda TL very well....they were a very competent little trials bike in their day.....brings back memories of Montesa Cota's and Ossa's...the TL was easier to handle than the more exotic bikes. Good luck with the swap :thumbsup:
  14. Hi and welcome to the forum.....I'm pretty new here too and have been trying to get some good pics of some of my watches, but I've not succeeded yet....well not good enough to post them (there are some wizards on here) :starwars: You'll see some of the great photos if you stick around :thumbsup: I really like it here, theres some great members with a LOT of knowledge :grin: Cheers, Stu
  15. Very nice watch....I've just bought a couple of Seiko's and for the money, they're hard to beat. I think £300 for a nice watch like that is good value....looks like a LOT of watch to me :thumbsup: By the way your pics are still better than mine, I'm just not getting anything good enough to post on here!!!! :shocking: Stu
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