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  1. I have a pocket watch, key winder, which had a fault last time I took it out to wear. When you wind it up you get a cople of turns on then it suddenly unwinds itself. I had been meaning to take a look at it for a while suspecting the click needed a little lubrication. Finally I got round to it today and found that the end of the click is showing some wear, but I fear the barrel teeth may also be worn - if I disengage the drive train so the movement is free running I can then wind the barrel both backwards and forwards (carefully!). On some teeth the click engages properly, but on others it slips. Which lead me to the thought that the barrel is the problem rather than the click. The strange thing though is that it was working fine, then I left it for a couple of years, then it was not working. So I'm wonderingif I've got the diagnosis completely wrong. Perhaps it's just dirt in the teeth of the barrel? Perhaps the unwinding has nothing to do with the barrel and click whatsoever? Any suggestions very welcome
  2. Thanks for the advice, and the helpful tips about refitting the hands are a bonus!
  3. Thanks, that's really helpful. Out of interest, what does the A*F refer to?
  4. On one of my watches the date is not quite clicking round right. I suspect the mechanism has become a tad misaligned. So I need to remove the dial to have a look at it. I am going to get some dial protectors, but looking at cousins I am unsure as to which hand pullers to buy. There seem to some that just do second hands, some that don't touch the dial, some that seem to do all hands (which is really what I want I guess). I am looking here Any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. I used them to buy a deployment. When it arrived it was not as described, in my opinion. They agreed to refund when I returned it, so I sent off. No refund happened, so after a few weeks I queried where the refund was. They claimed not to have received the returned deployment, which may of course be true, although I was suspicious. But your story makes me wonder all the more. My purchase was for a lot less money than yours, and there was nothing I could prove, so I didn't really follow through very much.
  6. Doing a bit of gardening this morning, so this: But thought I would change into something more upmarket for the celebrations later on:
  7. Great news about the arrest. Nothing can replace the loss of sentimental value, and nothing can salve the violation, but the hope of some justice is at least something.
  8. dont forget that if you import a watch, the chances are those awfully nice gents at Her Majesty's Customs and Excise will probably demand VAT, duty and an admin fee before you get your watch. Not sure what the duty may be, but you should budget paying an additional 22-25% over a foreign price. You also have no guarantee you are buying a genuine watch on Fleabay.
  9. I have the hamilton. A nicely made watch I have to say. But wouldn't a new one push somewhat beyond your budget? I had in mind they were more like £700 new.
  10. With all that branding, way too vulgar for me I'm afraid. Just my personal opinion of course.
  11. A Childhood friend's father was a rolex dealer in Lincoln. His wife had her roly stolen, and guess where the theif took it for a valuation? Yep, to the husband's jewelers :) The shop assistant had her witts about her and took it out back to get her boss to have a look. He came out, told him it would be £x as it was, but £XX if it was cleaned and serviced. So the thief leaves the watch for 2 days. Of course the boys in blue were waiting for him when he came back to collect the watch. My mate and I were allowed to watch from an upstairs window as they carted the bloke off. One of the sweetest things I have ever seen :) Hope the CCTV sorts your scumbag out.
  12. 43mm is good, but 42mm is just too small, am I understanding you right?
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