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  1. I've been hooked on black faced watches from my twenties :yes: now while this watch pleases me and given it's age keeps good time I find myself not wearing as often as I might, however if it had a black face it would never leave my wrist. My query is would an EXPLORER face and hands fit it ??? your views and comments please gentlemen. regards beach bum
  2. I came here from a site where knives, sheaths and ancillary leather work is the theme and several suppliers are often used by the members there one is http://www.leprevo.co.uk/ another is Tandy. Both said to be helpful to newbies . You'll need to know what type of leather finish etc., you want to achieve in your own mind before you start looking. Hope that helps :yes: regards beach bum
  3. On that video from 1.00 the watch is evident but not featured it often was , I'm struggling to remember the make Cardinal Sicura someone else here know ??? regards beach bum
  4. I'm mortified to report that Alexandra Bastedo has died after a long illness. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-25708277 this news might seem off thread but for me her appearances in "The Champions" caused me to be a regular viewer and it was in this program that a bit of product placement of a divers watch caused me to buy a one. The watch in question regularly featured and I saw a similar one in a home shopping catalogue and bought one. This was but one more step on the road to perdition that finds me here regularly talking to you lot :yes: regards beach bum
  5. Two radio controlled wall clocks here as well as various other radio controlled weather station type thingys all timed to the second. OCD ...................who me ??? regards beach bum
  6. As well some bright spark didn't suggest stating from a watch with a busted spring. :yes: no not really like everyone else just want to see what it looks like. regards beach bum
  7. Happy New Year everyone my watch was set exactly right , this is one occassion it must be correct. May all your watches run right in 2014 :D regards beach bum
  8. They were good enough to supply the military WWW and these watches are highly sought after, I'd have one in a flash if the price was right. :yes: There were other models of course and they varied greatly in spec , hut they all did a good enough job I think. regards beach bum
  9. There are a few other Omega black faced watches and this will continue the theme , regards beach bum
  10. I'm obsessed with back faced watches :yes: this particular one I bought off another forum I frequent and is probably the best thing I've ever bought online. I've got a few quality watches and have a itch to buy an Explorer but not the newer blingy ones they are doing now it would need to be 36mm and of course have black face. That all said I could happily spend the rest of my limited days wearing this, and I do most days , What do you think ???
  11. You are not the only one, contact made through a web site :big_boss: doesn't ring true to someone being "held against their will" as for access to the internet, thirty years ago you be lucky to have seen a Sinclair so who trained them up ?? More questions than answers there I think . regards beach bum
  12. It's a Seiko "military " with a 7S26 movement under that dial there is a date but obviously unseen with this sterile dial, Done by a member on another forum I frequent, and bought by me. regards beach bum
  13. Some people just like it to be understated and without clutter to the dial.
  14. Yes, thank you KrispyDK it does make sense to me and I hope to others who like me are old , doddering and inept at anything related to IT, I still think that these computers will never catch on :big_boss: but I might be wrong I never did get used to being always wrong :D Like so many people on this and other forums you are very kind and helpful. Many thanks and regards beach bum
  15. Many thanks for the video Roger, I keep getting extra code ( which I deleted in my last post) this time I try your method as illustrated in video. Here we go :- well it works but I can still see some code that's not needed. well done roger many thanks regards beach bum
  16. Well I'm still getting that incomplete row of code preceding my proper code( I think) i'm old grumpy inept coffin dodger so do bear with me. :yes: Another try with different piccy ......................hooray just delete the part of code not needed
  17. I've just selected a photo and I got two rows of code the fist lot was short of IMG and URL both in brackets still not right is it ??? and then now just after editing I getting a message my post is empty
  18. I have tried on a couple of occasions to post photos on Sunday's "what are you wearing" theme, I go to my photo on photobucket my choice of storage. Select a photo illuminate the code and it lights up telling me it's auto selected. Come to forum write my text select image icon and paste the auto selected code, and when I then post , no picture shows, I then spend ages trying to edit my post to get a picture to show, Usually the code is short of at the front sometimes and sometimes both. Editing is hindered by not being able to view before posting, it it me ? is it photobucket ?? or what??
  19. Could it be that the rubber strap is to fit over your Buster Crabbe :threaten: type frogman suit. That reference will be lost on younger members :eek: regards beach bum
  20. One last try then I'll give in :wallbash:=http://s4.photobucket.com/user/Keithhilliar/media/010.jpg.html regards beach bum edit that 's still not right but it'll do
  21. This lies unwanted and unloved in my watch box (it's got a white face ) can't remember where it came from , it's got a really impressively well made case with a screw back and there's nearly a guard to the crown but not quite. I've put on an 18mm NATO for the purpose of the photo the case is small at 32mm without the crown. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y113/Keithhilliar/010.jpg' alt='010.jpg'> regards beach bum Edit I've tried without success to edit my photo but I can't alter the code ???
  22. This today I wish it had a black face =http://s4.photobucket.com/user/Keithhilliar/media/Img2116.jpg.html] regards beach bum
  23. Here's my entry :- regards beach bum
  24. 2,364,861,808th There was a lot more room around the shoulders then , it can't go on, but I won't be here to see what happens . regards beach bum
  25. Hi guys, I've got a couple of cheepo BI-metal jubilee type bracelets (boot sale finds :lol: ) and there's a watch that I have that would be enhanced by the addition of a jubilee type strap but not if has the gold tone effect running through it. I have little or no idea what an anodised finish is or how to remove it back to the stainless. Any suggestions would be appreciated. regards beach bum
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