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  1. Yep, dropped my Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz a while ago and the sapphire now has a crack running across it. Not just a scratch but a proper crack. So not shattered but not far off.
  2. My current fave ana digi is this Casio. Solar atomic so you don't have to worry about a thing
  3. I've got this one, which I rather like. Have had a fair few others in the past and they're great little watches
  4. This seems to have become my go to Wednesday watch IMG_20151118_075318 by Olly Clarke, on Flickr
  5. That Mako (in orange) was the first watch I bought after getting into watches. Really solid and handsome piece
  6. Seamaster midsize quartz on Nato - perfect weekend watch IMG_20151114_144914 by Olly Clarke, on Flickr
  7. I was amazed when I saw that yesterday, seems out of character for Eddie although I understand the reasons why he has made the decision. The company taking over is the same one that took over WatchUseek about a year ago and I think the general opinion was that that move was for the worse. There was certainly a mass exodus of users
  8. That's really lovely. I'm kind of convinced that 2 handed quartz is the way to go for dress watches - thin, understated, reliable. Love it
  9. That's true for me too, I never buy watches I don't think I won't wear, but I often end up not wearing watches I buy!
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