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  1. Yeah, the Racer (especially in Black and Red) is so cool looking..... really can't decide which way to go on this one. There are a few Seamasters on ebay but they all look to be a bit scratched up in the bezel area...
  2. I've recently decided to downsize my collection a bit, get rid of a few of my affordables and buy one nicer watch with the proceeds. I reckon I'll end up with around £800. The watch I end up with needs to complement the core of my current collection - a Rolex Explorer 36mm and a Sinn 656. What I was thinking therefore was that something sportier with a bit of colour might fit the bill.I have really small wrists (6.25") so 40mm is the limit for me and even then some watches just don't work. With that in mid there are currently 2 contenders - the Ball Fireman Racer (in black and red) and the Omega Seamaster Bond quartz (in blue). The Ball is 40mm but has curved lugs which hug the wrist nicely. It's £810 new. The Seamaster is a classic and I could pick up the quartz midsize (36mm so maybe a tiny bit small for me) second hand for about the same. The fact its quartz actually kind of appeals as I'm something of an accuracy freak. So, what do you think? Ball or Bond?
  3. Great watch for the money. I had one for a while but it was just too big for my skinny wrists :(
  4. Very cool technology and extremely good looking too but the price does rather kill it for me. If they did a cheaper variant with less whiz bangery but the same look I might be interested...
  5. Thanks again everyone for your advice. I visited Watches of Switzerland in Brighton yesterday to try an Explorer on. Perhaps inevitably as soon as it was on my wrist I knew I had to have it. "Buy it before I change my mind" said my wife. So I did. It really is a beautiful watch and the 36mm size looks perfect on me. Here's a very quick and dirty cellphone pic.
  6. whatmeworry

    Two Plus

    DOxa Xantia Oooh, good save!
  7. HMT Pilot. No longer in my collection for various reasons but I will be replacing it soon. Simple, rough around the edges (I've seen the movement described as 'agricultural') bud0t perfect for all that. £16 very well spent.
  8. Here's a few more of the 656 given that its the star of the show
  9. Cheers chaps. The Sinn is definitely my favourite too. The Alpinist is a pretty close second though, I certainly couldn't imagine parting with either. Next up are another 3 that I really like, but all 3 more firmly in the affordable camp. CWC G10 This is a watch I'd wanted for a long time (since before I really seriously got into watches) but that didn't I only bought fairly recently. Largely that delay was down to what I suspect is a fairly normal bias towards mechanical watches during my formative months as a WIS. For a long time I certainly felt that £90 was a lot to pay for a quartz watch with no complications. I was so wrong though. This is such a great watch: nicely small I'm an age of stupidly large watches, really accurate, classically good looking and absolutely solid feeling. The precision of the finishing on the case is as good as any watch I own. Vostok Amphibia Scuba Dude Got this one early on in my collecting career and it has definitely stood the test of time. I love the rugged simplicity of these watches. I read somewhere that the Russians say "perfection is the enemy of good enough" and the Amphibia is good enough in every way (let's not talk about the bracelet, eh?). Tough, distinctive, great retro looks, reasonably accurate. It's become my go to watch for swimming and looks great in casual situations. Vostok Amphibia Ship's Commander It's another Amphibia, so everything I said about the last one plus Steve Zissou wore it!!
  10. Seeing as how I posted about as much as everyone put together yesterday (and then completely unexpectedly made a post in the Sales forum...(now sold, thanks Roy and Scott)), I thought I'd take the time to create a state of the collection style post to introduce myself (assuming anyone gives a damn, which you may not). I've been collecting since August 09 or thereabouts and have flipped far more watches than I currently own but these are the ones I've kept. As noted elsewhere I've just downsized my collection considerably; what I'm left with are either watches I really, really like or one with some kind of emotional attachment. Sinn 656 Definitely the nicest watch I own, I've had it for about 9 months and still get a real kick out of wearing it. Love the simple but distinctive style, the extremely legibility and the super comfortable bracelet. Bloody accurate too. Seiko Alpinist SARB017 I've only had this one a month or so but boy do I like it. I'd wanted an Alpinist since I first learned about the range and for me this is the pick of the bunch (I've also owned a SARB015 but that didn't do it for me in the same way). Great, vintage looks, beautiful green dial, nice reliable 6R15 movement, everything about this watch works for me. Robert GMT-Poseidon 39mm Yes, essentially its just an homage to the Rolex GMT-Master, but its a REALLY NICE homage to the Rolex GMT-Master. Looks great, really comfortable and solid feeling and its got the ability to tell the time in 2 places, a complication I thought would be useful but which in practice I never use. Did I mention its really nice though? That's my 3 faves.... more to follow later!
  11. My plan, such as it is at the moment, is to try and save for the Explorer and then fall back on a used Colt if I just can't go the distance. Then when I have managed to save the rest I can cash in the Colt an hopefully not make too much of a loss.
  12. I can remember going to the pub at lunchtime, lat '70's, along with most of the staff, specifically to look at or play the space invaders game, it was the table type horizontal model. Seems weird now to think about it....................................................................how normal it was for workers to go to the pub at lunchtime. :D Think I last played a computer game in a cafe, probably mid 80's, that will be my last time too. Sad isn't it? Now everyone just drinks gallons of coffee nowadays. That said I did do one of my guy's monthly review over a couple of Guinesses the other day.
  13. There are actually quite a lot of similarities between Fallout and Elite - open ended game play, ability to go anywhere and do anything, moral choices, etc.
  14. Was planning on wearing my Sinn today, but what the hell, I'll strap this on so I can play. Timex from the 70s.
  15. Loved the first one (or the third one - you know what I mean), but I just don't seem to get the time to play games anymore.
  16. My heaviest was the MTM Blackhawk at 200g. I sold it.
  17. That's a hell of a macro lens to get in that close. I'm impressed (and a little jealous).
  18. Nice pics! I particularly like the second one. <insert joke about tits>
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