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  1. I've owned 4 Alphas, enjoyed them while I had them but ultimately ended up flipping them all. Here are the only one I have decent pics of.
  2. Simple Timex Expedition for chores round the house. Will probably change into something nicer later.
  3. That's an absolutely awesome looking watch. I flipped my Orange Monster a while ago an invested the funds in an Alpinist. I wasn't sure if I'd miss the monster but I really haven't. As nice a watch as it is I just found it too heavy.
  4. Very nice! Both the watch and the pics.
  5. Thanks Stu, I'm not doing too badly on the volume front - 17 and counting at the moment, including a semi-grail, the Sinn 656. Next on the hit list are a CWC G10, a Bernhardt Binnacle Anchor and (if I can justify the cost to myself) a Luminox Colormark Chrono.
  6. I had exactly the same problem with my OM a while ago and the solution I arrived at was exactly the same - lots of rinsing and turning of the bezel.
  7. Hi Olly. Currently wearing an Alpha milsub which arrived in the mail today. Earlier today I had my HMT Pilot on. Not sure I have a grail at the moment (or at least it changes regularly) - probably the Speedmaster Pro
  8. Evening all, Olly here, whom some of you may know as whatmeworry from WUS. I've been collecting watches for around a year and tend to stick to the affordable end of the spectrum. Also desperately trying to hang onto my fading youth by being into comics and video games.
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