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  1. :lol: :lol: I would hold out for the Rolex, better value in the long run. That being said if you can buy the Breitling second hand at a keen price you may well be able to sell it in a years time for reasonable money and trade up to the Explorer with your savings. LOL - no, that's not quite it (and if it was I doubt I'd have this dilemma! ) I don't know if this is me being an idiot, but part of me quite likes the idea of getting the Breitling because it means the Explorer is way out of reach again. Shouldn't a grail be hard to attain? I'm 37 now, so resetting my watch fund to zero
  2. Here's one from my trek to work yesterday.
  3. Not for me as I'm scaling down at the moment. Think I might be getting a decent watch box for the first time though.
  4. Also, I work for a bank who have proved quite fond of redundancy lately so am keen not to go down the credit route!
  5. I have considered looking into finance options but I'm reluctant to go that route as it sets a precedent for me. All my watch purchases to date have been funded in a very specific way (won't go into it in detail but basically its by making savings elsewhere) and this allows me to indulge my hobby without worrying that I'm taking money away from my family.
  6. I've been collecting watches for a while now and built up a healthy collection of cheap and cheapish pieces plus one nicer one (a Sinn 656). What I've found lately though is that the cheaper watches are giving me less and less pleasure and I'm fed up having so many watches that most rarely get worn. I've decided to scale down from 20+ pieces to 7 and use the funds this raises to buy something nicer than anything I currently have. In the last 2 days I've managed to sell 6 watches so I'm not doing badly. At the moment I'm looking at 2 watches, both Swiss but otherwise quite different. Whichever
  7. Join the club...mine top the scales @ 7"!! 6.5 " for me. Shame as I have an orange Mako too and that looks great!
  8. I think you'll have trouble getting something with scratch proof glass for less the ones a tender. I'd recommend the Timex field watches though, cheap, simple and pretty hard wearing.
  9. I've owned 4 Alphas, enjoyed them while I had them but ultimately ended up flipping them all. Here are the only one I have decent pics of.
  10. Simple Timex Expedition for chores round the house. Will probably change into something nicer later.
  11. That's an absolutely awesome looking watch. I flipped my Orange Monster a while ago an invested the funds in an Alpinist. I wasn't sure if I'd miss the monster but I really haven't. As nice a watch as it is I just found it too heavy.
  12. Very nice! Both the watch and the pics.
  13. Thanks Stu, I'm not doing too badly on the volume front - 17 and counting at the moment, including a semi-grail, the Sinn 656. Next on the hit list are a CWC G10, a Bernhardt Binnacle Anchor and (if I can justify the cost to myself) a Luminox Colormark Chrono.
  14. I had exactly the same problem with my OM a while ago and the solution I arrived at was exactly the same - lots of rinsing and turning of the bezel.
  15. Hi Olly. Currently wearing an Alpha milsub which arrived in the mail today. Earlier today I had my HMT Pilot on. Not sure I have a grail at the moment (or at least it changes regularly) - probably the Speedmaster Pro
  16. Evening all, Olly here, whom some of you may know as whatmeworry from WUS. I've been collecting watches for around a year and tend to stick to the affordable end of the spectrum. Also desperately trying to hang onto my fading youth by being into comics and video games.
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