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  1. On 05/11/2015, 20:47:46, it'salivejim said:

    I sometimes (often) buy a watch I like the look of with the intention of wearing it and then don't wear it very much at all. And I've had watches I love the idea of, and admire them in the box, but when it came to choosing a watch for the day I'd rarely pick them up. Stupid I know. Eventually they get flipped but at the moment I have nothing that I don't love wearing.

    That's true for me too, I never buy watches I don't think I won't wear, but I often end up not wearing watches I buy!

  2. Excellent stuff, I love things like this :thumbsup:

    That last one's a cracker - Anyone know why the numbers on the dial go up to 40...?  I bet there is a simple answer, but I can't think what it would be :biggrin:

    I think it's a depth gauge.

    While the colour scheme isn't to my taste it's actually a really neat watch. It has a timer function so you can see how long you've been diving for. Hard to explain, but basically a press of the crown resets the hands to 12 and then the start counting minutes and seconds. I'd love a more traditional looking watch with that feature

  3. There was a certain amount of interest in this when Vinny posted it on the Sales Forum so as the buyer I thought I'd provide an update :)

    It arrived today and it's probably fair to say it's a mixed bag, which is completely in line with my expectation. I won't wear all the watches, but certainly got my money's worth (in fact it ended up being 5 watches and a fitness band) and the G-Shock alone is almost worth the price of admission IMO. Thanks to Vinny for a good deal and an an enjoyable experience. 

    Here are some pics I took while unboxing it all: 2 of the watches will definitely be worn, 2 will probably go to charity and 1 and the fitness band will be moved on somehow, I'll let you guess which fall into which category!



    (this one is better than it looks in the pic)



  4. I'm genuinely excited about this. We've just rewatched all 6 movies as a family and while the newer trilogy really is pretty awful there's scope for this to be really good. I don't think Abrams will make a film that will stand the test of time like the original trilogy has, but I do think he'll deliver a very entertaining 2 hours.

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