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  1. That is a lovely example Nigel and i agree the bestmodel! Well done! Cheers Martin
  2. Afternoon change over to this vintage Darwil Capo Master 74 HiBeat automatic.
  3. Greetings watch lovers! I am wearing my Creation CREATRONC Swissonic cal ESA 9154 circa 1970-75 this bright, frosty morning!
  4. Well done Alan,where there a will there is a way! Lovely!
  5. Afternoon change over to my vintage Zenith Pilot 2572PC E, circa 1974
  6. I am wearing this vintage Helvieta automatic hi-beat circa 1970s more info here.
  7. Hi Robert, That is quite special! Its is great to hear from you! I miss seeing your watches. How about an update post of some ofvyour additions? It has been a while. Do you still havecthat stunning Omega? Happy New year BTW. All the best Martin
  8. I have lots of watches with foreign date wheels, I really enjoy them; I have several German, Spanish and couple of Italian and even some English ones It does not bother me, in fact I quite like the charm, I cant see any of them, so no matter... Cheers Martin If it is not a double date wheel you could have it changed to English, but it will obviously cost. Or you could learn the days of the week in another language... All good i think. Welcome to TWF btw!
  9. Vintage Zenith automatic cal 2552PC circa 1969
  10. Hello watch fans, happy Monday! My Vintage Zenith Pilot hand-wind circa 1950's and picture of Diesel making a bed in my laptop bag
  11. This watch is a dual chronograph, they are called ''Rattrappante'' chronographs so you can measure first and second place in a race for example. Anyhow the fault so far has not repeated itself. It is now back in the watch box and I will keep an eye on it. Cheers Martin
  12. What a great day @Karrusel Alan, i like all three additions. I particularly like the Milus, it is very elegant. And looks greatvon the wrist. All three are wonderful additions to your ever increasing collection. Well done Cheers Martin
  13. Changed over to my Zenith Respirator X, cal 2562PC, circa 1972
  14. Have a great Sunday watch fans. I am wearing my Frederique Constant Big date dual time automatic
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