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  1. I am now wearing my vintage Citizen Promaster diver as we are driving down to Greece for a week or so...
  2. Good morning vintage watch fans! I am wearing this vintage Citizen Crystron from the 1970's.
  3. I am now wearing my vintage Junghans Tank circa 1939. And Happy Birthday @yokel!! Cheers Martin
  4. Yes make sense now, i missed "and set them when I wind 'em" Cheers Martin
  5. I am not sure if I have a watch to rule them all, but I am fond of my SMP
  6. Afternoon change over to my vintage Favre Leuba cal Peseux 7001 manual wind. (photo taken just now)
  7. Good morning watch fans, my vintage Zenith 2552 PC automatic circa 1969 today
  8. I am now wearing this vintage Zenith Pilot Circa 1950's, (photo taken just now)
  9. I am having issues loading Smileys via Android Orao via WiFi, my phone freezes and overheats and hangs. It is also clunky on win 10 sometimes. Cheers Martin
  10. Captain Slow sporting a lovely vintage Omega Albatross.
  11. Greetings watch lovers, my vintage Zenith Pilot Automatic
  12. It is either a bargain or a fake, let's hope, its a bargain! Cheers Martin
  13. Afternoon change over to this vintage Darwil Capo Master 74 HiBeat automatic
  14. Thanks so much for the include! I think there has been some great knowledge already shared. I think we all hit the crossroads at some point of consolidating our watches into a smaller and finer collection. and for me in theory it works but not so good in practice. @AVO post seven ages of mwisery is very funny but quite profound... For me i have sold to many in the early days that I regretted later watches that are much more expensive to purchase again when you can find them. But I suppose that is experience...It has been a long time since I sold anything. So if I did it it would be in small increments, I think the Cartier is a good example you don't miss great!. The danger for me is, you may end up with a more valuable collection, but would you like/love it the same... Good luck David and please keep us posted on whatever you decide! Cheers Martin
  15. Greetings watch fans my vintage Helvieta HiBeat automatic today
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