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  1. Greetings watch lovers! A vintage Helvetia automatic
  2. Greeting watch fans, I am wearing this vintage Muros manual wind today
  3. Zenith Pilot automatic, cal 2572PC-E, circa 1974
  4. Greeting have a great Saturday watch fans!
  5. Vintage Zenith Pilot automatic 1974
  6. Greetings! A vintage Omega 'Hummer' Old pic same watch
  7. Greetings! This vintage Zenith quartz today
  8. Greetings vintage watch fans! Zenith Respirator cal 2562PC circa 1968-72
  9. Vintage Omega Hummer today!
  10. A vintage Zenith Defy Spaceman Automatic
  11. Greetings watch fans! A vintage Zenith Defy Automatic, cal 2572PC, circa 1976 today
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