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  1. Greeting watch fans. Enjoy your Monday! I am wearing my vintage Zenith Respirator X automatic
  2. Vintage Zenith automatic cal 2552 PC circa 1969
  3. Have3 a great weekend watchg fans, my vinatge Zenith Pilot automatic
  4. Greetings watch fans, a vintage Omega Cosmic 2000 automatic Old pic, same watch!
  5. A vintage Certina manual wind
  6. I totally agree! Very high quality for the money! Thanks!
  7. Both depending on the light and angle, but it is actually blue Cheers Martin Now this Defy Spaceman
  8. Greetings vintage watch fans, I am starting out with my LordMatic circa 1977
  9. Vintage Seiko Landmaster mk1.
  10. It is as I bought it, the bracelet is nice enough. If you look close the numbers have faded off the bezel. It is only noticable in photos... It is nice enough but a step down in quality from the 1960/70's models IMHO. Cheers Martin
  11. Afternoon changeover to another Zenith Quartz
  12. Not sure how special, but I am wearing my Zenith Quartz circa 1987
  13. An afternoon change over to my vintage Zenith Quartz circa 1970's
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