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  1. My vintage Seiko Sea horse, manual wind, circa 1966
  2. Longines is an excellent brand with a great heritage, and most often offer good value for money! A great choice!
  3. Best value Sub-U-Likes out there! I seem to remember they stamp the Invicta logo down one side of the watch.
  4. Yes its a bitza with a redial. Better to ask questions before purchasing and not after. Next time you will better prepared, hopefully you did not pat too much. Cheers Martin
  5. Not all movements are marked, use this free hosting service to host your pic and enter the bb link https://imgbb.com/
  6. How much was it? What makes you think it may be fake?
  7. Can't add that much to the good advice already given. The Rado is a reissue, of their watch from the 1960's, I quite like them both. A Moonphase is an interesting complication. but being an automatic you would have to reset it if you don't use a watch winder. It is quick to set compared to some Moonphases. it would not be an issue for, but maybe for some people. Two very different watches, if you cant buy both its your call. The Longines would be my first choice. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  8. This new to me Rado Manhattan mk11 automatic, circa 1970-76
  9. I wouldn't say the mother in-law was fat, but everywhere she sat she was sat next to you! The great Les Dawson!
  10. This has just landed, a vintage Rado Manhattan mk2 automatic, circa1970-76 I am very happy if never been polished, the case is sharp and crisp, it also has the original NSA bracelet with a signed clasp and crown ! I am well chuffed!!
  11. @Jet Jetskiit is the 27th Nov not Dec
  12. HAGF watch lovers! My vintage Zenith Defy Automatic circa 1976, cal 2572PC And songs from the same year
  13. Greetings watch fans! A vintage Zenith Spaceman Automatic today
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