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  1. Greetings watch fans, my Junghans Tank, cal 59, circa late 1930's
  2. Cheers Kevin, and yes I agree ref taste Thank you Dean! Many thanks! Thank you, and I love the bracelet! Many thanks indeed! Thank you Andy, yes love the OM and the Citizen isn't going going anywhere I am afraid I used to have the 600m until someone on here pestered me to sell it, I regretted instantly. Also was gutted it went on Ebay quite quickly... Lol that would be the Majestyk lol... more info here
  3. Greetings watch fans, a Tissot T12 Automatic from 1972 today
  4. Have a great weekend watch fans. I am wearing my vintage Zenith Respirator cal 2562 circa 1972 this morning
  5. I have seen that case-back on various budget vintage divers usually with a pin pallet caliber or a basic AS cal, including Sicura. Stainless steel back is a warning meaning the rest of the watch is not...
  6. Thank you! Cheers Nigel! Many thanks Cheers David! Thanks for all your very kind comments, it is greatly appreciated! Cheers Martin
  7. It translates "For excellent pistol shooting" Cheers Martin
  8. Very close, it is the Spezichron & yes the LordMatic
  9. This is for @Nigelp and for anyone else who maybe be interested, this the majority excluding USSR's, projects, pocket watches, and few live in their own boxes, the SOTC after 9 years. No real theme except mostly vintage and I like 1970's watches, other than that I buy anything i like at the time... I hope you enjoy The box 1 box 2 Box 3 Top Box 3 bottom Box 4 Top Box 4 bottom
  10. I will try and post a SOTC Nigel, it has been a while. Cheers Martin
  11. Greeting watch fans, I am wearing this new arrival a 1970's Election AS Cal manual wind
  12. Greetings watch fans, I am wearing this Zenith Respirator cal 2562 automatic, circa 1968 today The gaskets fail often on these early model, hence the dial damage...
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