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  1. My watch mojo is quite low and has been for a long while, so I will be taking a break from the forum. I don't think I will sell any watches, I will just wait and see as I have too much time, effort and money invested to be hasty...Over and out Cheers Martin
  2. Afternoon change over to this vintage Zenith Pilot Circa 1950's
  3. HAGFA, a vintage Seiko Sea horse automatic circa 1966 today
  4. Vintage Zenith automatic circa 1969 And a song from the same year
  5. Lovely Alan, just lovely! Cheers Martin
  6. Greetings vintage Omega MegaQuartz
  7. Greetings watch fans my Omega SMP Automatic this morning
  8. A great collection indeed, I really like the way your collection has evolved. I totally agree with ref the Vistok's and the 710 cases... Thanks so much for posting! Cheers Martin
  9. Good morning watch lovers, one of my favourite vintage Omega's for a lovely sunny Friday
  10. Good morning watch fans, a vintage Omega Constellation f300 today
  11. Good afternoon vintage watch fans, a vintage Muros, (photo taken just now)
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