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  1. I am now wearing this vintage Favre Leuba, Peseux 7001 cal, circa 1971-79
  2. Thanks very much Alan! I appreciate it. Cheers Martin Cheers Martin
  3. SOTZC (Zenith's) as requested by @Nigelp 3x Pilot's, 2x Respirators, 2x Surfs, 3x Defy's 1x Minstrel, 1x Espada. 3x Quartz, 2x Manual Wind, 7x Automatics. I also have one in transit... Not too sure if it will arrive... It is between vintage Omega's and Zenith's as my favourites, I probably prefer the vintage Omega quartz, the Defy's are probably my favourites, there I've said it! I hope you enjoy, any questions please ask. Cheers Martin
  4. Have a great Sunday vintage watch fans! A Zenith Respirator X, In-house cal 2562 PC automatic, circa 1972
  5. Afternoon change over to this vintage Zenith Pilot, manual wind Blancpain cal, circa 1945. Photos taken just now. It has radium burn of the dial but it is all original. More information here
  6. Vintage Zenith automatic circa 1974
  7. A changeover to my vintage Zenith Defy Spaceman, high beat cal 2562 PC, circa 1971, on an aftermarket bracelet and a song from the same year
  8. Have a great Friday watch lovers! My vintage Zenith Defy Octagonal, cal 2552 PC, circa 4th quarter 1969 this morning on the original Gay Freres ladder bracelet And a song from the same year...
  9. Some great pictures John! Not sure about the memory card though... Cheers Martin
  10. This vintage Omega Seamasters automatic now Photos taken now under bright artificial light....
  11. Could you kindly consider changing the photo upload resolution from 800x600, to something more up to date like 1920x1080, 16:9 ratio. Thanks for your consideration and for a great forum Roy! Cheers Martin
  12. I am wearing this vintage Zenith Defy, cal 2562 PC, circa 1976 :)
  13. Greetings watch fans, I am wearing my vintage Omega Cosmic Automatic 2000 this morning
  14. A vintage 1970s stainless steel lump of TV dial Kienzle Artistokrat - (Shapeproof Pentent Pending)
  15. Afternoon changeover to my vintage 18k Eterna matic
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