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  1. I just picked up this vintage Candino 200m diver, with a high quality quartz caliber, drilled lugs, sharps edges, the bezel is scratched, but all original including crown. The Mojo is rising!! I am guessing early 1980's so a song to match
  2. Vintage Connie MegaQuartz from the early Supersonic 1970s
  3. Excellent and informative video, a timepiece of real beauty IMHO
  4. Greetings watch fans, Obris Morgan Exp1 today
  5. Greeting watch fans, a vintage Tag Heuer Dual Chrono/diver And a song from 1983
  6. Lovely Alan! Muros manual wind today...
  7. Greetings watch fans, a vintage classic dress Favre Leuba, cal Peseux 7001, on original mesh bracelet.
  8. Greeting watch fans, HAGFA! Vintage Omega Mariner circa 1976 Cheers Martin
  9. My watch mojo is quite low and has been for a long while, so I will be taking a break from the forum. I don't think I will sell any watches, I will just wait and see as I have too much time, effort and money invested to be hasty...Over and out Cheers Martin
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