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  1. Greetings vintage watch lovers, my Zenith Defy automatic circa 1976
  2. Rado Voyager automatic mk1, circa 1969
  3. I would lose the full stop after brand name. Also it is not necessary to write date with an arrow pointing towards the date window. Personally i would never buy a watch with such a brand nsme. HTH
  4. Last change for today, to this vintage Zenith Quartz back a bracelet.
  5. Like hens teeth Im afraid... But good luck!
  6. I am now wearing this vintage Zenith Defy Spaceman automatic, cal 2562 PC, circa 1972
  7. A vintage Certina 25-45 automatic, their first in-house automatic movement, circa 1950's
  8. Afternoon change over to this vintage Seiko Moonphase quartz
  9. Full moon today, so i am wearing this Ball Automatic Moonphase
  10. I have now changed over to this vintage Omega Constellation f300, cal 1250, circa 1972
  11. Yes it is Tuesday. I am wearing this vintage Omega Cosmic 2000 Automatic Circa early 1970's
  12. Afternoon change over to this vintage Omega Seamaster Automatic, from the 'Classic Line' circa 1984
  13. Greetings watch fans, i am wearing my vintage Omega Dynamic automatic mk1, cal 565, circa 1969
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