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  1. Its a fairly interesting and quite effective way to seal a watch, looks like it never caught on! Don't bother Nigel there was loads of Patents in those days that came to nothing...
  2. Yes it is quite chunky, and I would agree ref the dates. Also the back-case screws down via the rotating circle within the outer square that seals the case really well. That must be the SHAPEPROOF
  3. Thanks Nigel, it has an ETA 2788, which is dates from 1969-82, it also has Patents Pending called SHAPEPROOF on and inside and the back-case with numbers. I always meant to research, but never got round to it. My guess with case style and TV Dial is early 1970's
  4. Late to the show today, website hosting issues....Vintage Kienzle TV Dial Automatic day/date
  5. No that looks totally legit to me and a great bumper cal 354, the serial dates it too 1959. A lovely watch!
  6. Rado was most popular in Asia. Many Rado watches that have had a hard life get the dials repainted and resold. Also many use artistic license. Some are done well and many are not, also you have everything in between. If you can't find an identical watch online, it could be likely to fall into this category. Good luck, Martin
  7. It is not the Cosmotron at 42,000bpm it is the IC12 at 43200bph sorry.
  8. It is amazing value at that price, Ive been considering one for a while maybe I should pull the trigger!
  9. Thanks Nigel I did miss this post Yes they do sweep at 36000bph and the last generation I think at 42,000bph Stephen's blog covers this model very well, he does not post here as often as he once did. https://sweep-hand.org/the-x8-cosmotron/
  10. Greeting watch lovers, a vintage! My vintage Tissot T12 automatic, circa 1972
  11. Hi Nigel, I currently have 13 vintage Zeniths, I do like them but prices seem to be rising quite rapidly, also I have become quite picky so I take my time with purchases these days. I am currently acquiring a Respirator AF / P 36000bph, but the deal is not quite done... We will see. Yes I still have the Zenith Mistral. and yes they are both running well. Cheers Martin
  12. I have been wearing this vintage Zenith Defy this evening
  13. I am now wearing this vintage Sicura Diver
  14. Great to see you posting again Nigel, Seiko were really giving the Swiss a hard time, beating them at their own game! Until the Swiss moved the goalposts...lol. If you manage to stay on track and get a Seiko dialed Officially Certified Chronometer, whatever the beat rate you will not be disappointed. I also think there are bargains to be had if your patient, it will be a good investment, because the prices on these models are climbing. Good luck and keep us posted! Cheers Martin
  15. Hi @Nigelp I dont have a 36,000bph but I do have a Seiko HiBeat Chronometer Officially Certified at 28,800bph from 1972. This watch wears so much better that it photos, the quality is very high. Have a look at the Seiko Executive Line More details here
  16. Vintage Junghans Tank cal J59 circa late 1930's early 1940's photo taken just now.
  17. Greetings watch fans, have a great Saturday. My vintage Zenith automatic cal 2552 PC circa 1969
  18. Vintage Helvetia Automatic, circa 1970's (Photo taken just now)
  19. There are great excuses to buy more watches
  20. It looks good to me for 1968, invest in a service and all will be well!
  21. Afternoon change over to this Helvetia Beatmaster Automatic circa 1970's
  22. Congratulations and well done, wear it in great health! Cheers Martin
  23. Greetings watch fans, a Seiko Landmaster SBBW005 today More info here
  24. A vintage Zenith ''Spaceman'' Automatic, cal 2562PC, circa 1972-75
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