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  1. Greetings vintage watch lovers, my Zenith Defy automatic circa 1976
  2. Rado Voyager automatic mk1, circa 1969
  3. I would lose the full stop after brand name. Also it is not necessary to write date with an arrow pointing towards the date window. Personally i would never buy a watch with such a brand nsme. HTH
  4. Last change for today, to this vintage Zenith Quartz back a bracelet.
  5. Like hens teeth Im afraid... But good luck!
  6. I am now wearing this vintage Zenith Defy Spaceman automatic, cal 2562 PC, circa 1972
  7. A vintage Certina 25-45 automatic, their first in-house automatic movement, circa 1950's
  8. Afternoon change over to this vintage Seiko Moonphase quartz
  9. Full moon today, so i am wearing this Ball Automatic Moonphase
  10. I have now changed over to this vintage Omega Constellation f300, cal 1250, circa 1972
  11. Yes it is Tuesday. I am wearing this vintage Omega Cosmic 2000 Automatic Circa early 1970's
  12. Afternoon change over to this vintage Omega Seamaster Automatic, from the 'Classic Line' circa 1984
  13. Greetings watch fans, i am wearing my vintage Omega Dynamic automatic mk1, cal 565, circa 1969
  14. I don't think so Honor, USSR is just an English translation of CCCP. Poljot tended to do a lot of exports so they often marked the export dials USSR but not exclusively Cheers Martin
  15. Yes Poljot do at least one model that i know about, I will try and dig out a picture
  16. Another change to my latest addition a vintage Omega Automatic Geneve, cal 1012, circa 1974
  17. An afternoon change over to this vintage Omega Mariner mk1 circa 1976 Photo taken just now...
  18. Enjoy your Sunday vintage watch fans! I am wearing my vintage Omega MegaQuartz today. Old photo, same watch
  19. Yes I am guessing they are many, it is just about physical size. I doubt very much you are going to get model numbers and help in how to it on a watch forum. It was a big mistake selling the damaged movement. Cheers Martin
  20. How much did you get for it? Cheers Martin
  21. A new to me vintage Omega Automatic Geneve from the 'Classic Line' cal 1012, circa 1974
  22. Well it depends maybe someone likes to set things and adjust all the necessary settings... So it is subjective the very things you dislike doing someone else enjoys... Having said that i enjoy quartz watches also. Hope that makes sense...
  23. Afternoon change over to this vintage Longines Admiral HF, cal 6942 circa 1974
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