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  1. Greetings watch fans, Frederique Constant big date, dual time
  2. Great watches Nigel Tissot's halcyon days IMHO! Not all the T12 used the Gay Freres bracelets only the early ones, I seem to remember. If it is Gay Freres the end links will be stamped with a number. HTH Cheers Martin
  3. Vintage Zenith Pilot hand-wind circa 1950's
  4. Afternoon change over a vintage Seiko Officially Certified Chronometer circa 1972 More information here And a song from the same year!
  5. What a great transformation @Nigelp!! Well done. You do need a new camera of more light !! Cheers Martin
  6. Vintage Seiko Lord-Matic cal 5606, circa 1977 HAGWE !!
  7. Superb Alan, thanks so much for posting! I bet that was an excellent day!! Cheers Martin
  8. Hi John, I'm quite sure Seiko did not make that dial, it looks like a photo copy India special! Cheers Martin
  9. Z is still for Zenith Beauty on the inside! Zenith In-house cal 2552PC circa 1969 The last Zenith In-house automatic cal 2572PC E circa 1974
  10. Y is for Yugoslavia I have this FSJ watch which stands for the Fudbalski savez Jugoslavije translated: "Football Association of Yugoslavia"
  11. Greetings watch fans my vintage Helvieta automatic today
  12. Welcome to TWF I hope you enjoy yourself here, its a very friendly place! I look forward to seeing your other watches! Cheers Martin
  13. Afternoon changeover to my current favourite a vintage Zenith Defy 300m circa 1969
  14. I am still wearing this NOS Creation 17 Jewel hand-wind circa 1968
  15. That looks the part Nigel and great condition!! Cheers Martin
  16. On a strap and on the wrist where watches belong...lol
  17. I have to agree I have a similar one with the same settings, essential piece of kit!! Cheers Martin
  18. This vintage Creation 17 jewel NOS cirac 1968 just arrived, I may put it a strap or keep it unworn, have not yet decided... Poor light, hence the indoor photo sorry...
  19. I will resist saying Vintage, we will be here a long time... V is for VIP V is for Vostok
  20. I am now wearing this vintage Zenith Respirator
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