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  1. Zenith Defy 300m automatic on the original Grey Fréres ladder bracelet, Circa 1969 And a song from the same year
  2. An underrated watch brand IMHO https://www.thewatchcompany.com/blog/reasons-you-should-get-a-frederique-constant-watch/ https://masterhorologer.com/2018/04/28/frederique-constant-brand-details-watch-collections-history-company-and-corporate-information/
  3. Stunning, I really like that! Congratulations, wear it in great health! Cheers martin
  4. A Cyrillic Dialed Eterna Railway watch Circa 1929
  5. Greeting watch fans! My vintage Zenith Octagonal Defy Automatic Circa 1969
  6. Another scorching day wearing a grab and go Seiko quartz beater No smoking ban here, they just roll the roof back
  7. My antique Omega Goliath 8 day pocket watch, circa 1905, is getting a wind today The deep sea diver is for scale
  8. Vintage Omega Automatic day/date from the last year of the Classic Line, 1984 And a song from the same year
  9. This morning out drinking a macchiato
  10. I am now wearing my F.C Big Date Dual Time on a Pav strap
  11. Now a vintage Omega Geneve Automatic, Circa you guessed it 1970's
  12. One of my favourites a Vintage Gold Capped Zenith Pilot Cal 126, Circa 1950's
  13. I would highly recommend you do, i doubt you would regret it! They are great watches and still available at a very affordable price, I have had a few. Get one with the NSA bracelet if you can
  14. Now my vintage Certina DS 2 automatic. Circa 1976 DS Stand for Double Security more info here And a song from the same year
  15. No no no, please keep it on the bracelet
  16. Now I am wearing this Vintage Darwil 'Capo Master 74' Automatic, Cal eta 2790, Circa 1974 And a song from the same year
  17. Vintage Certina 24-45, their 1st In-House Automatic Circa 1951 Recessed signed crown and drilled lugs and unpolished case Old movement shot
  18. Vintage Omega 'Bullseye' Dynamic mk1 Automatic Circa 1969
  19. @PC-Magician Brilliant Jon, thanks so much for sharing! Cheers Martin
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