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  1. Some cracking watches on display! Afternoon changeover for me a Vintage Zenith Defy cal 2562 Automatic, circa 1976
  2. Many thanks ! A beautiful timepiece Alan! Thanks for posting!
  3. Have a great Friday watch fans, a vintage Omega Cosmic 2000 automatic
  4. Vintage Zenith Respirator Automatic this morning
  5. Sounds like your looking for Vintage Reissues... https://www.gearpatrol.com/watches/a491134/buying-guide-vintage-reissue-watches/ https://timeandtidewatches.com/the-heritage-heavy-hitters-10-of-2019s-best-vintage-reissues/
  6. Greetings watch lovers, my vintage Rado Manhattan mk2 today
  7. Afternoon change to my vintage Zenith Pilot automatic, cal 2572PC E, circa 1974
  8. Have a Happy and safe Christmas!
  9. Vintage Zenith Defy Automatic cal 2572PC circa 1976
  10. Vintage Certina automatic, with their first in-house auto cal 24-45 A profile view of the unpolished case, sunken crown with logo and drilled lugs
  11. I am now wearing this vintage Zenith UFO automatic, cal 2562PC circa 1972
  12. Vintage Zenith Pilot automatic, with their last in-house cal 2572PC-E, circa 1974
  13. I took this out the box and gave it a wind, a vintage Favre Leuba, Cal Peseux 7001
  14. Lovely @Nigelp and great sentimental value, like the DeVille it has an18K solid gold bezel and Omega logo clasp insert
  15. It is great film I can highly recommend it!
  16. Welcome to TWF, i look forward to your future post! Cheers Martin
  17. Cant wait, many congratulations, I must admit I never even heard of the watch before you posted. But I love it!!
  18. Yes there was it was on sale here, I had the model after which was identical except the caliber, but I cant find any pictures...
  19. I think @Nigelpmentioned the Citizen Crystron, Classic maybe for some? But certainly cannot be ignored and I think are worthy of this thread.
  20. This 'Classic 'Omega Mariner mk1, Cal 1310, circa 1976 Indoor photo taken just now... And a song from the same year
  21. Longevity, well the MegaQuartz dates from 1972 , the Mariner in 1976 & the Albatros the same year. I must admit every battery change I do wonder, but so far so good! (BTW the Albatros is not mine) picture from the Web
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