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  1. I bought this unusual square/round Jenny off that well known auction site. Style probably not to all tastes, but a Jenny for £29, can't be too bad. Now what strap would go well on this?
  2. She also has a very long neck, I'm wondering if this is a later addition to the caseback.
  3. Speidel are still in existence and making watches. An email to them may elicit help.
  4. Seconded, no hurry to spend money. Have a look through the 'What are you wearing ' posts they are full of ideas. First question new or vintage?
  5. Ooh look the Cookie Monster.
  6. It is as @spinynorman says more than likely quartz, decent Swiss quartz movement should give many years trouble free service. Look at the second hand. Quartz movements move the second hand in one second increments. In mechanical movements the second hand moves round in a continuous sweeping motion.
  7. I found a press release from 2015 on the Tenor Dorly Facebook page in French. It says that the name has been bought by Fludo watches. They are responding to increasing demand for Swiss quartz movements, and they are going to allow customers to personalise their watches. And they are going to be competitively priced. It also hints about bringing out their own automatic movement. Communiqué de presse Fludo Watch reprend la marque Tenor Dorly Watches Fludo Watch a désormais une petite sœur: Tenor Dorly Watches. «En investissant dans cette marque historique, créée en 1924 dans la cité horlog
  8. Given that vintage ladies watches tend to be cheaper than mens, why not an old Omega or similar?
  9. Vostok Amphibia, built like a T34 tank and still cheap
  10. Hirsch snagged for a tenner, big improvement
  11. I'm a bit concerned about the back ensuisse should be two words en Suisse. And there should be an accent on the e of fabrique.
  12. I take it this is one of those where electromagnets are used to give impetus to the balance instead of an escapement. I don't suppose you have any movement pics?
  13. Nice, with a few surprises, especially before the product placement that started in the 90s. Anyone else liked to have seen more of David Niven as Bond? Without a very tongue in cheek script.
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