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  1. Vostok Amphibia, built like a T34 tank and still cheap
  2. Hirsch snagged for a tenner, big improvement
  3. I'm a bit concerned about the back ensuisse should be two words en Suisse. And there should be an accent on the e of fabrique.
  4. I take it this is one of those where electromagnets are used to give impetus to the balance instead of an escapement. I don't suppose you have any movement pics?
  5. Nice, with a few surprises, especially before the product placement that started in the 90s. Anyone else liked to have seen more of David Niven as Bond? Without a very tongue in cheek script.
  6. Possibly, there are traces of what could be radium on the hands and dial. I have no intention of taking this apart myself.
  7. Postie brought this. Gold plated Alsta, nice dial. Running, which is a bonus. Don't know much about these apart from a diver Alsta being a prop in Jaws.
  8. Agreed, normally would keep it original, this was a bit far gone though
  9. I had the case on this related in silver as part of its Restoration. Its not that expensive.
  10. Have you considered the original Navygraf Ii from the 70s? Difficult to find, but would be good. Yema used to make a range of divers and chronos, there is a selection on French eBay
  11. Had a look on the bay, there are two on there for £450.
  12. Yema used to be owned by Seiko, so the movements were good and direct from Seiko. Sounds like they are trying to go 'upmarket ' so to speak by making their own.
  13. Found a strap to fit, so had to wear it really...
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