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  1. A wonderful example of 1930s matchmaking. That winding mechanism is intriguing.
  2. Because if you set it off and the authorities get an epirb signal from the home counties, they won't be pleased
  3. Suunto Mariner, as with all flux gate compasses it likes being level when using the compass. That isn't a Cyclops at one o clock it's a bubble spirit level.
  4. Can be ordered direct from the manufacturer via their website http://www.jennywatches.com
  5. Jenny Caribbean reissue $990
  6. The watch? Oh I've only just noticed..
  7. Under the loupe it doesn't look tarnished, more like it's been done to increase contrast.
  8. Thanks for the info
  9. Can anyone identify the movement, can't see a makers mark. Lots of service marks on the cover, I think it's been looked after
  10. Another Venus arrives, gold plated, face is dark gold . It's up and running
  11. And then a man called Giuseppe Said "a pretty strap I will I will sell thee It make-a your watch Look-a real posh I post it to England directly
  12. Orlogin, First Israeli Watch Company. Early '50s
  13. I had a look, but at 50 Euro for an elastic strap, I think I will pass
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