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  1. I've had a look at a French watch forum, and it appears they were sold direct from the factory in the town of Morteau Doubs in eastern France.
  2. Orlogin, by the First Israeli Watch Company.
  3. I didn't know Services made a chrono!
  4. Orlogin, by the First Israeli Watch Company, Raman Gat, early '50s.
  5. It is because it doesn't look very good.
  6. According to our resident Oracle @Always"watching" it dates from circa 1960. Leonidas bought up Heuer and gradually the Leonidas name fell out of use.
  7. I made an earlier thread about picking up a cheap Leonidas of eBay. Well today I have it back , working and cleaned up.
  8. @RTM Boy, he said he used to do a lot of Dinghy sailing, so I think it has stood up quite well. I've lost watches when sailing.
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