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  1. @mach 0.0013137 should the bezel turn on this model? It's stuck fast at present.
  2. Fixer upper landed today. Ticking but hands are loose. Bezel doesn't move, not sure if it's meant to.
  3. First in is a Union Soleure presented on a new bund. Ticking away merrily. Services diver which needs work. At 40mm its quite large for a vintage diver.
  4. I bought a watch..... And that's when he trouble started
  5. It's nice enough, but has to be the most expensive Timex ever.
  6. Stop daydreaming about that sort of thing and get back to the question in hand.
  7. A little fiddling with the spring, it went on with a click. It's holding, and turns.. Now what would go with this, bracelet, NATO?
  8. Last week I asked about buying a watch without a bezel and then finding a bezel. Not high was the consensus. So I took a punt, and today postie knocked. The vendor has only gone and included a bezel! What a star! It's not holding on. Spring is in there but may need a new one.
  9. I'm glad they chose advanced suede for this one, such an improvement.
  10. When vendors do wrist shots why is it always with he vendor behind the wheel of a car?
  11. @Always"watching" chance of a picce of it on your wrist?
  12. I've seen a few posts about modding Seikos and Vostoks . Can you get bits for Citizens?
  13. How much fun can you have for eight quid elsewhere?
  14. Chiffre can mean number as well. The date is in red.
  15. Have a look at the movement base plate under the balance wheel ( a magnifier can help here) . Often this is where the movement maker leaves their mark.
  16. Then when I say my belief, really that's based on nothing but it says Mondaine on the dial. It could have been contracted out, who knows. Had a look inside, caseback just has service marks. And I'm now intrigued as to the article you are preparing.
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