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  1. If you found a case that fitted the movement, yes. I'm assuming the case is plated, and the plating has worn. Having the case replated isn't generally all that expensive .
  2. A lovely looking combination, but at that price I'll stick to biros
  3. I've been looking at ebay, but nor bought any watches. Having passed the local post office this morning and seen a queue stretching down the street, maybe virtual window shopping is the way to go
  4. I've been looking on the forum of our French counterparts. A chap found records of Lebem in part of the same group of matchmaking companies as Difor, situated in Besancon, which is a French town not too far from the Swiss border.
  5. Someone has fitted the world's tiniest crown, much smaller than the recess in the case, and a real pain to use.
  6. Another Venus has landed. Its running, but the day of the week isn't
  7. From the album: Marts watches

  8. The last time i saw an electro-mechanical timepiece that big , i was waiting for a train.
  9. Article says that Brian May has been wearing a Seiko since the 70s. Let's see that please
  10. Nice, and an unusual date position. Not seen one like that before
  11. Another vote for HMT. Like my Kohinoor here.
  12. I bought this ol Venus of that well known auction site. As you can see it needs fixing. I bought it mainly due to the machine turned dial, which rather caught my eye. So let's see those elaborate faces.
  13. From the album: Marts watches

  14. Girard Perregaux for me
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