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  1. Took the two piece screw down back off, and there was a tiny inner cover. Inside that a tiny but lovely 17 jewel movement.
  2. Meyhoffer has been suggested by a friend as they have a range in 19mm
  3. Indeed, the right strap... Dark green?
  4. Very nice, but I don't think Santa has £800 to spare.
  5. Postie knocked with an old Russian watch. Brand is Zaria (dawn). Nice green face.
  6. I've had a look at a French watch forum, and it appears they were sold direct from the factory in the town of Morteau Doubs in eastern France.
  7. Orlogin, by the First Israeli Watch Company.
  8. I didn't know Services made a chrono!
  9. Orlogin, by the First Israeli Watch Company, Raman Gat, early '50s.
  10. It is because it doesn't look very good.
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