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  1. Ok paid 15 quid on fleabay for the all black version, let's see what turns up.
  2. Strap has arrived for the Venus.
  3. Well when I had a big birthday I bought an old wreck and had it restored. Total cost is well within your budget.
  4. Meanwhile in a field somewhere..
  5. I'm wondering how much it would cost to buy the Services trade mark so Mach can launch his own range of watches
  6. I would agree, both rubis and antichoc are French words. But French, German and italian are all in use in Switzerland
  7. Have a look on 17jewels.info or ranfft.de Are there any marks on the nameplate under the balance wheel?
  8. It's almost like a gimmick to get them on the news.....
  9. Found on YouTube, not in English but a good review
  10. Arrrghhh my eyes!!!!
  11. I quite like that as a different take on the digital watch, and very reasonably priced.
  12. Well this is my daily wear
  13. Well I was going to buy one ( after remortgaging mine and several relatives houses) but the charm of this man put me off.
  14. A wonderful example of 1930s matchmaking. That winding mechanism is intriguing.
  15. Because if you set it off and the authorities get an epirb signal from the home counties, they won't be pleased
  16. Suunto Mariner, as with all flux gate compasses it likes being level when using the compass. That isn't a Cyclops at one o clock it's a bubble spirit level.
  17. Can be ordered direct from the manufacturer via their website http://www.jennywatches.com
  18. The watch? Oh I've only just noticed..
  19. Under the loupe it doesn't look tarnished, more like it's been done to increase contrast.
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