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  1. The Lume is pretty awesome, still glowing brightly at seven this morning.
  2. Mido All Dial has a nice view But then I got a Turtle from Herr Kemmner this morning
  3. Lume is Superluminova blue line, which supposedly glows blue at night. I only received this the morning, and it hasn't got dark yet, but you can allready see it glowing when you go into the shadows. So I guess the lime is pretty good. Ask me for an update tomorrow. Movement is ETA 2824-2 For 295 Euro you get the watch with stainless steel bracelet inc divers extension, spare silicon rubber strap (in case you do actually want to go diving) two screwdrivers for the screwed links and a nice case to put everything in. I'm quite pleased with this, especially as I only ordered it last sunday.
  4. Roland Kemmner is a German independant watchmaker who produces watches in small batches, this is his latest,available in various colours also in a GMT version
  5. Having just received a Turtle, have a guess.
  6. Kemmner Turtle blue-blue, just picked it up off the postie and trying to size the bracellet for my puny wrists. Pics to follow
  7. Citizen Americas Cup. One movememt replaced under warranty, then it failed again just out of warranty
  8. Roland Kemmner has brought out the Turtle again this week, in normal diver and a GMT version. At 295 euro the normal one is good value I think
  9. Generally once its on it stays on for the rest of the day
  10. What are your priorities? Movement i.e manual, auto or quartz Rotating bezel or inner compressor style? Jaques Cousteau?
  11. As much as I would like a Doxa sub, prices are a bit on the steep side for me
  12. 'needs work' AS long as that work involves a steamroller
  13. Timex manual wind, again would have been 7 or so. It died many years ago.
  14. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! That is gorgeous
  15. Have been looking at the website of this make. A bit sparce on technical info , like what teh movements are, or where the things are assembled. CAn anyone help?
  16. Very nice, but its the Oris that gets my vote
  17. Exeter, I rarely travel that far to the East, sorry
  18. And I got a present from the girlfriend. I was surprised, I got a watch. Flyback chrono function, sub seconds.
  19. I have just collected my newly aquired Seawatch from the watchmaker following an overhaul. So I'm wearing it for now.
  20. The prediction of future technology on this dial is astounding. early 20th century submarines weren't very streamlined , yet their modern replacements are.
  21. Looking around here: 3 Swiss (Mido, Seawatch, Ellesse) 2 French (Yema, Mortima) 1 German (Junghans) 1 Finnish (Suunto) 1 Japanese (Casio) or to look at it another way 2 Automatics 2 Manual Winds 3 Quartz 1 Solar Quartz Want to try and guess which ones which?
  22. Reason for asking arrived today
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