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  1. YEMA!!! (Trying to work out if it should be Sancerre, Saki,or Tsingtao. See other post to find out why)
  2. Thanks for the info, it made for interesting reading. I have given the watch a good clean with 'Bar Keeper's Friend', which has got rid of the general gubbyness and lessened the impact of the scratches. It now sports a NATO , from the emporium of our host. I am more woried by the fact it has stopped twice yesterday and twice today. I'm guessing it has lain unused for some time I was wondering if it might free up with use, or I'm going to bite the bullet and get it serviced.
  3. Any idea of cost to replace crystal?
  4. Just received this Automatic. A liitle research reveals that Yema are a French company, who were bought out by Seiko, yet still based in France. The 50 on the back apparently refers to the 50th anniversary of the company in 1998, so methinks possbly a Seiko movement inside. A little scratched as you can see, and a new strap possibly. I was thinking NATO , but open to suggestions. The numbers on the dial are all lumed, which is a nice touch
  5. Congrats, and what a result!!!!
  6. I have bought a cheap watch off the bay. It has some scratches to the crystal ( it isn't acrylic, so I'm assuming mineral) and the stainless steel bezel. Appart from one small chip they are light. Could I have some advise on removing them please. Thanks in advance
  7. Mart


    I was wearing mine whilst watching the BBC programme about Britain Seas
  8. I'm surprised that no one else has commented on the fact that the bad on selling Absinthe in France has been lifted. Hmm i'm not really tempted though. Very rare for me to touch spirits
  9. Pass the protective specs! Actually my Mido is a bit like that. It only has a thin stripe n the hands and little spots at 12, 3 ,6 and 9 but they are pretty bright.
  10. Very nice, I do like the chain complete with scissors
  11. Mido All Dial Sorry old pic
  12. When I bought this, I was told it was Swiss made late 19th /early 20th century. Being no expert on pocket watches, could anyone please tell me any more about it they can see. Many thanks
  13. Mart

    Sod Me

    A tin of Tuna? I'd better raise my offer of the square root of ....
  14. That will never make it through the metal detector at airports, how much does it weigh in at?
  15. I do like the decoration on the rotor, makes it different from cotes de geneve
  16. No Thanks, it would drive me mad
  17. ohh I too had been looking ar Kemmner, never heard of Aristo. Thank you for bringng them to my attention. the U-boat or the Blue Baron , very nice
  18. Hmm, that price might be ex-vat for export
  19. Hmm not easy to photograph hallmarks is it http://
  20. I have a pocket watch and it says "J.G.Graves Sheffield, Swiss Made". I've looked at internet sites on hallmarks it appears to have 3 standing bears (one small two large) and 0.935. All I have been able to gather is that means its silver. Could anyone one point me as to how to date it?
  21. Thanks, I'll post some pics when I get a chance, that will probably help
  22. I have a small engraved pocket watch and the info I have is maker JN London 1862. At least that is what the hallmarks seem to say. CAn anyone help further?
  23. I have signed up to Roland Kemmner's newswletter, tempting
  24. Mart


    Finally got around to E-mailing Roalnd Kemmner. The Turtle wil be available again in May, in a couple of days he will be issuing a white faced edition of his 007 diver (the one that looks a bit like a Rolex sub), or you can have an Octopus 2000 which is in production now with a choice of hands.
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