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  1. I was wondering, having got both 100mm & 200m water resistant watches, what is the greatest water resistance out there?
  2. D-UH-17-08-06 if I'm not mistaken. Found their website, don't know if they have UK dealers
  3. Well in reply to peopl'es questions. This inner bezel does not appear to rotate, The days of the week are available in german or english. And this was just over £200
  4. Sorry for the delay, But then again, for the last ten years I've been qute happy with Germany
  5. Buying a watch that is. Its a Mido 'All Dial' seems to be running fine, but guess a decent service wouldn't do any harm. Only downside is its on a rubber strap, but I guess that could be changed. Mido don't seem to have any UK presence.
  6. Thanks for the tips. Took it in for a new battery and to be re-sealed yesterday and it working fine. I know it a fashion brnd, but I bought this in 1994 (I think) when I didn't know tat much about watches. To be honest I know only a little more now. I'm happy that its cleaned up and working after all these years in storage
  7. River Tamar, not enough time to get down to Plymouth and out to sea
  8. OK my first attempt to post an image
  9. This dates from before everything was made in China
  10. The cheap Animal one that I just found in the cellar. OK I was young, it was cheap, but on closer examination it isn't well made at all and I quickly found the highly decorated face lost its appeal
  11. Do or did Ellesse make ther own stuff? I haven't got the tools to get the back off the case to have a look
  12. I was clearing up, and found two watches from the early to mid 90's that I thought I had chucked. An Ellesse diver & a cheap Animal. As son as I have got teh hang of posting pics, I will do so if anyone is interested.
  13. I'm only just starting, only 5 of the things so far. Including one I found whilst tidying that I thought chucked yaers ago!
  14. Now a watch with the days in three languages, that would be good, if perhaps in very small writting
  15. I thought the Swiss had German as one of their three official languages (the others being French and Italian) so why not have a watch with German days of the week?
  16. Well it was raining, the visibliity was poor and only a couple of hours of daylight. So I went sailing. Haven't got on the water that much this year so I needed to get out. Got home late, wet and bedraggled, but it was worth it, beacuse it looks stormy for the weekend, so no chance there.
  17. Everything electronic works on smoke. How do I know this, easy , because if the smoke ever leaks out the thing stops working
  18. Seconded, that explanation was just what I was after.
  19. Hmm I had an 80's Seiko that was noted in a routine radiation survey at work, the geiger counter started clicking when it was near it.
  20. I have been looking at stuff from Singapore, I take it the same advice applies?
  21. Title says it all really, I was curious as to how this stuff works, and does its power fade with time, I mean over years, not just during the night
  22. Mart

    Ollech & Wajs?

    Checked with our host, he says he will have some stock in in a month or so
  23. I have a pocket watch, inherited from my late grandfather. Its stainless, the glass is actually acrylic and the only thing written on the face is 'Smiths Empire'. Can anyone shed any light on when it was made, or the company?
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