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  1. Agreed, normally would keep it original, this was a bit far gone though
  2. I had the case on this related in silver as part of its Restoration. Its not that expensive.
  3. Have you considered the original Navygraf Ii from the 70s? Difficult to find, but would be good. Yema used to make a range of divers and chronos, there is a selection on French eBay
  4. Had a look on the bay, there are two on there for £450.
  5. Yema used to be owned by Seiko, so the movements were good and direct from Seiko. Sounds like they are trying to go 'upmarket ' so to speak by making their own.
  6. Found a strap to fit, so had to wear it really...
  7. From the album: Marts watches

  8. From the album: Marts watches

  9. I'd prefer that if the bottom half of the dial was the same as the top.
  10. Not sure of age. The writing, I believe its' Navigator First man in space 12th April 1961 Yuri Gagarin
  11. It's taken six weeks to get here from Russia.
  12. From the album: Marts watches

  13. New battery and away we go.
  14. From the album: Marts watches

  15. I'm liking old Venus watches at the moment.
  16. Services diver for me this morning
  17. From the album: Marts watches

  18. Congratulations on your retirement, and a 'tina and a Chopper yo take fir a spin.
  19. I think I'll pass, it looks like something that is there to show off how expensive it is.
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