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  1. Found some discussion on a German forum. The watch on there features a one jewel .movement labelled 'Swiss Parts'
  2. If you can remind me in nine and a half years, when I can get a 2031 calendar to write it on
  3. The bezel was missing so much time was lost searching for a replacement. In the end he made one. Same deal with the stem. And one new hand had to be found. Other than that, clean and service.
  4. I even prefer the look of the Tissot.
  5. Got this back, its been away being restored since January.
  6. Postie dropped off a nice new bracelet for my Jenny
  7. Out for a stroll with newly repaired Jenny. May change strap though
  8. Are you really going diving to a depth where this could be useful?
  9. Yes, I know it's not the Caribbean diver, but they go for more than I can afford. Still I've fancied a diver from this marque for some timNeeds a minor fix, second hand has come loose. Sadly I'm guessing the watchmakers are going to be shut as of tomorrow.
  10. Perhaps a glass fronted cabinet to make it easier to locate the one you want.
  11. Now on a Fluco goatskin strap
  12. Ooh I like that, and the price
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