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  1. 7 hours ago, Daveyboyz said:

    Just remember you cant own every watch in the world.  The temptation is to buy everything you see but there's no hurry.   Take your time.

    Welcome aboard.

    Seconded, no hurry to spend money.  Have a look through the 'What are you wearing ' posts  they are full of ideas.

    First question new or vintage?

  2. It is as @spinynorman says more than likely quartz, decent Swiss quartz movement should give many years trouble free service. 

    Look at the second hand. Quartz movements move the second hand in one second increments. In mechanical movements the second hand moves round in a continuous sweeping motion.

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  3. I found a press release from 2015 on the Tenor Dorly Facebook page in French. It says that the name has been bought by Fludo watches. They are responding to increasing demand for Swiss quartz movements, and they are going to allow customers to personalise their watches. And they are going to be competitively priced. It also hints about bringing out their own automatic movement. 

    Communiqué de presse Fludo Watch reprend la marque Tenor Dorly Watches Fludo Watch a désormais une petite sœur: Tenor Dorly Watches. «En investissant dans cette marque historique, créée en 1924 dans la cité horlogère de Tramelan, nous souhaitons répondre à la demande toujours plus forte pour des mouvements Quartz Swiss Made», explique Manuel Rodriguez, dont la volonté est également de cibler un public toujours plus large. A ce titre, la marque permettra à ses clients de personnaliser leur montre. Les prix des Tenor Dorly (mouvement Quartz Swiss Made inclus) seront par ailleurs compétitifs. Certaines se déclineront dans une ligne spéciale disposant de leur propre mouvement automatique; une exclusivité «TD». Le rachat de Tenor Dorly n’aura aucun effet sur Fludo. La marque Swiss Made, née aux Breuleux en 1934, poursuivra en effet ses activités dans le secteur moyenne gamme avec des mouvements automatiques. Fludo Watch et Tenor Dorly Watches communiqueront désormais ensemble

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  4. 16 minutes ago, al_kaholik said:

    Is that two radium burns on the dial? Nice looking, but be careful.

    Possibly,  there are traces of what could be radium on the hands and dial. I have no intention of taking this apart myself. 

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  5. large.20170823_191456.jpg.402bf8ff88b520a4b78208a7dc453cf0.jpg


    2 minutes ago, WRENCH said:


    Something like this is worth it.

    I have experience nickel plating vintage motorcycle parts, as @JoT mentioned, the electro plating process is reversed to remove the old worn plating, and any pitting, gouges are filled and refinished before re-plating. It's not as straight forward as it sounds, and in most cases, I personally would leave the watch with its original patina, and perhaps a sympathetic polish.

    Agreed, normally would keep it original,  this was a bit far gone though 

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